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What Are The Principles For Purchasing Zirconia Ceramic Dispensing Valves?

What Are The Principles For Purchasing Zirconia Ceramic Dispensing Valves

Whether it is in the dispensing machine or in the dispensing system of other industries, the use, operation frequency and service of the ceramic dispensing valve are all ever-changing, and it is necessary to control or eliminate even the slightest mistakes, which can cause serious problems. So what are the principles for purchasing zirconia ceramic dispensing valves? Be-Cu Ceramics focuses on high-quality alumina ceramic manufacturers, mainly engaged in alumina ceramic manipulators and alumina ceramic semiconductor suction cups, and also produces zirconia semiconductor ceramics, zirconia insulating device ceramics, zirconia ceramic discs, silicon carbide ceramics, welcome to customize and consultation.

Dispensing Valve For Shut-Off And Open Media

The flow channel of the ceramic is a straight-through dispensing valve, which is smaller than other flow resistances. Usually, we choose it as a dispensing valve for shut-off and open media. There are mainly downward closed ceramic dispensing valves. The dispensing valves are further divided into these two types of valves (such as globe valves and plunger valves). Due to their tortuous flow paths and flow resistance, they have higher power than other dispensing valves. Therefore, it is less used. In situations where higher flow resistance is allowed, we can choose a closed type dispensing valve.

Dispensing Valve For Flow Control

Usually, we choose a dispensing valve that is easy to adjust the flow to control the flow, mainly because the size of the valve seat and the stroke of the closing part form a proportional relationship. Rotary ceramic dispensing valves mainly include these types of valves (such as plug valves, butterfly valves, ball valves) and flexible valve body dispensing valves (pinch valves, diaphragm valves), which can also be used for throttling control. It can only be applied within a limited range of dispensing valve diameters. The gate valve uses a disc-shaped gate to make a transverse movement to the circular valve seat mouth, and it can only control the flow of the glue point valve well when it is close to the closed position, and it is not used for flow control. It will lower the price of its traffic.

Dispensing Valve For Reversing And Diverting

According to the requirements of reversing and diverting, this ceramic dispensing valve can have three channels or more channels. Both the plug valve and the ball valve are more suitable for this purpose. At the same time, there are a large number of ceramic dispensing valves that can be used for reversing and diverting. These can be selected from one of these dispensing valves. However, in some cases, other types of dispensing valves can also be used for reversing and diverting, as long as two or more dispensing valves are properly connected to each other.

The above are the principles of purchasing zirconia ceramic dispensing valves analyzed by Be-Cu Ceramics for you. In addition, when there are suspended particles in the medium, it is most suitable to use the ceramic point with the wiping effect of the sliding of its closing member along the sealing surface. valve.

If the back-and-forth movement of the closure member to the valve seat is vertical, it is possible to trap particles, since this type of dispensing valve is only suitable for basically clean media unless the sealing surface material can allow the particles to be embedded. The ball valve and the plug valve have a wiping effect on the sealing surface during the opening and closing process, so they are suitable for use in the medium with suspended particles.

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