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What Should I Do If The Hexagon Socket Screw Slips? Why Do The Hexagon Screws Slip?

【Be-cu sheet metal forming】What should I do with the hexagon socket head screw?

First of all, check whether the nut leaks out. You can use a diamond tumbler to smash the nut into two planes and take it out with an adjustable wrench to unscrew it. Find another hexagon head that is one size to two larger, and use a hammer to nail it in! Then screw it off! Open the end of the socket head screw, try it with a screwdriver, and use square white steel to grind the white steel into a hex wrench. If it is bigger, use a hammer to knock it in, and then use an adjustable wrench to knock and turn it. This method works very well. I have been doing this all the time.

I have prepared two, one for 6MM and one for 8MM screws, which is very convenient and can be used repeatedly.

The screw head of the hexagon socket screw is round on the outside, and the middle is a concave hexagon, and the hexagon screw is a common screw head with a hexagonal side. The hexagon socket head screwdriver looks like a “7”. Cut the two ends of the hexagonal steel bar and then bend it to 90 degrees to form a hexagon socket head screw wrench.

It is required that the customer must use the corresponding tools reasonably when using it. Communicate with the customer that it is not necessary to use too much force when hitting the hexagon socket head bolt. Grasp the balance of strength. M2.5 hexagon socket head cap bolts should be able to withstand a torsional breaking force of more than 2N.m under normal circumstances, so this force should be adjusted just right, and too much force should not be used.

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