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Vacuum Casting PP Soft Glue

PP Soft Glue Prototype Parts

Automotive | Plastic

High-Quality Vacuum Casting PP Soft Glue has established six project workshops, including product design center, 3d printing center, prototype production center, precision parts rapid processing plant, sheet metal rapid processing plant and rapid mold production center. At present, there are more than 100 employees, more than 150 processing equipment, more than 20 testing equipment, and a strong faculty. Now, we provide rapid manufacturing services to more than 1000 research and development institutions and innovative enterprises every year, and provide “short, simple and less” convenient services for Vacuum Casting PP Soft Glue product research and development, small batch trial production, special product customization, and later mass production.

The Advantage of Vacuum Casting PP Soft Glue

  • Fast can provide up to 20 parts in 15 days or less, depending on part specification and volume.
  • Affordability:Silicone molds are less expensive than the tooling used for injection molding, resulting in low prices.
  • Capable of producing large parts:Depending on the type of equipment used, vacuum casting can to create very large parts.
  • Superior surface finish to injection molding:The vacuum process removes air bubbles and allows the material to capture fine details.
  • 5 Color options:Coloring pigments can be added to the resin for a variety of color options.
  • Repeatability:Silicone molds can be used around 20 times before they need replacing

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The Detail Of BE-CU Vacuum Casting Company

The Detail Of BE-CU Vacuum Casting Company

When it comes to vacuum casting, there are a number of manufacturers to choose from. Choosing the right one is essential for getting exactly the results you expect. At, we combine our experience, engineering capabilities and advanced technology to produce high-quality vacuum casting solutions for prototypes and short production runs.

Our team works directly with each customer to ensure that we create the perfect solution. Our experience speaks for itself. The team at is well-equipped to handle your rapid prototyping and silicone molding requirements. If you are ready to start prototyping projects, learn more out our vacuum casting services.