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Precision Grinding Tungsten Steel Mold Parts

Precision grinding is a critical process in the manufacturing of tungsten steel mold parts. This process involves the meticulous removal of material ...

5 Axis CNC Machining Medical Olecranon Plate

The olecranon plate is a specialized orthopedic implant used in the surgical treatment of fractures involving the olecranon, which is the bony ...

Special-Shaped Non-Standard Medical Device Needles

Special-shaped non-standard medical device needles are a category of medical needles that deviate from traditional cylindrical shapes to meet ...

High-Speed Steel (HSS) Die Punching Needles

High-speed steel die punching needles are indispensable tools in many industrial applications due to their exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and ...

Precision Tungsten Copper Alloy Eccentric Insert

Tungsten copper alloy, often referred to as WCu, is a composite material that combines the high thermal and electrical conductivity of copper with ...

5 Axis CNC Machining Spiral Bevel Gear Mold

A spiral bevel gear mold is a specialized tool used in the manufacturing of spiral bevel gears, which are a type of bevel gear with helical teeth.

Small Precision Injection Molding Inserts

Small precision injection molding inserts play a pivotal role, particularly when custom complex and precision plastic parts.

5 Axis Machining Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Water Aerator Impeller

The integration of 5-axis machining in the production of aluminum-magnesium alloy water aerator impellers represents a significant advancement in ...

Large CNC Turning Inconel 625 Automobile Engine Camshafts

Large CNC Turning of Inconel 625 camshafts presents several formidable challenges due to the material's hardness and tendency to work-harden during ...

Metal Etched Hydrogen Fuel Cell Metal Bipolar Plates

Hydrogen fuel cells are an essential component in the shift towards sustainable energy sources, and metal etched bipolar plates play a critical role ...

Prototype CNC Spinning Stainless Steel 316L Outdoor Camping Pot

The prototype CNC spun camping pot benefits immensely from this technology, ensuring consistent thickness, superior strength, and an impeccable ...

Precise Etching Stainless Steel 316 High-Speed Hair Dryer Networks

Etching, the process of selectively removing material from the surface of Stainless Steel 316, is pivotal in the fabrication of high-speed hair dryer ...

Etched VC Uniform Temperature Cooling Plate

VC (Variable Conductance) uniform temperature cooling plates represent a significant advancement in temperature control technology for metal etching

Etching LED EMC Packaging Bracket

The LED packaging bracket is a highly integrated frame form, encapsulated under molding equipment using new epoxy materials and etching techniques.

Planar Etched Molybdenum Alloy Micro-Air Mesh

Our Planar etching service refers to a process where material is removed uniformly from a flat surface, creating precise patterns or structures.

Chemical Etching Stainless Steel 316 Bipolar Flow Plates

Within this landscape, the process of etching stainless steel 316 bipolar flow plates stands as a testament to the fusion of art and science.

Etching Low Resistivity Copper 110 Contact Rings

Etching low resistivity copper 110 contact rings is a testament to the marriage of art and science in electronic engineering.

3D Printing Pool Pressure Cleaner Parts and Accessories

Make sure to choose a material that suits the specific requirements of each part. you can choose Be-Cu prototype company to produce high-quality, ...

Nylon 3D Printed Size 5 Basketball

These machines were designed by HP as an ideal solution for Size 5 Basketball production. The printers are unique in that they separate the process ...

Black Nylon Medical Threaded Screw By MJF 3D Printing

Medical threaded screws made from black nylon using MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) 3D printing technology offer several advantages in various medical ...

MJF 3D Printing Black Nylon Red Dot Sighting For Medical

Red dot sights are commonly used in various applications, including firearms for aiming assistance, but they can also have medical applications, such ...

CNC Routing Sunflower Wooden Coaster

A wooden coaster is a coaster made of wood, typically used to place cups or mugs on to protect the tabletop from heat or water stains.

CNC Custom Wooden Children’s Toys

Wooden children's toys are toys primarily made from wood that are designed and crafted for children to play with. These toys can range from simple ...

Precision Turning Solid Wood Dice

Solid wood dice are dice made entirely from a single piece of wood, typically hardwoods like maple, oak, cherry, or walnut.

Custom Wood Chess Board, Sets And Pieces

Be-Cu is a rapid prototoyping company that can meet your demands of OEM wood chess board, wood chess sets supplies, wood chess pieces, etc.,

Swiss Machining And Bending 304 Hand Sewing Needle For Textile Machinery

Hand sewing needles for textile machinery, often referred to simply as sewing machine needles, come in various types and sizes to accommodate ...

Automatic Swiss Turning Stainless Steel 316L U-bolt

Be-Cu is a manufacturer specializing in the production of U-shaped bolts. If you have any needs, please contact us

jetFusion 3D Printing Triceratops Mother and Child Sculpture

In my opinion, the 3D printing cultural and creative service platform led by Be-Cu Prototype shows how creative and artistic workers can use 3D ...

Precision Machining 6063 Aluminum Military Computer Server Chassis

Ensure compatibility with standard server components.Utilize Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining for precise and repeatable cuts.

CNC 6063 Aluminum Automotive Motor End Cover

The end cover of a motor or engine is a protective or enclosing part that is positioned at one end of the motor.