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Advantages Of Using Zirconia Ceramics As Sealing Rings

Advantages Of Using Zirconia Ceramics As Sealing Rings

The so-called sealing ring seal is to open a groove on one surface of the two mating surfaces (slotted according to the shape of the sealing ring), and put the sealing ring inside to play a sealing role. Sealing ring seals are very versatile. The materials of the sealing ring include metal plastic, rubber products and zirconia ceramics. General metal materials and rubber and plastics can be used as sealing rings. Why bother to use zirconia as a sealing ring? Professional machining and production of various ceramic workpieces, and introduce the advantages of using zirconia ceramics as sealing rings.

Zirconia is a material with high hardness, good wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability and high corrosion resistance. High refractory performance, high temperature resistance of 2000, some workpieces have very poor working conditions, especially the erosion of workpieces by high temperature, but zirconia can be completely carried down.

The chemical stability of zirconia ceramic rings, acid corrosion resistance at high temperature, high strength, wear resistance, good chemical stability, good biocompatibility, and high density are the reasons why people use zirconia for dentures.

With the rapid progress of this industry, the domestic industrial capacity is also developing rapidly. Some special industries are petrochemical, chemical fiber, chemical fertilizer, atomic energy, aerospace and machinery manufacturing and other industrial fields. In order to meet higher requirements, it should be able to operate stably for a long time under harsh conditions such as high speed, high pressure, high temperature, low temperature, strong corrosion and solid particles. To meet the requirements of so many conditions, it is more appropriate to use zirconia ceramic materials.

Zirconia is a material with superior performance among inorganic non-metallic materials. Its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and especially its strength It is known for its large size and high toughness. The production of mechanical seal rings can prolong the service life of the seal rings, reduce the number of disassembly and replacement, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The above is an introduction to the characteristics of the zirconia ceramic sealing ring analyzed for you. I hope it can help you. We are a professional manufacturer of this kind of zirconia ceramic sealing ring. Zirconia zirconia ceramic sealing ring has many advantages, but it is also difficult to process, especially the last step of precision machining of the sealing ring, which requires the use of special ceramics CNC engraving and milling machine also requires professional operation and use skills. For zirconia ceramic machining, please contact Pintejin Ceramics at [email protected].

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