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Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Are Committed To The Development Of Rail Transit

We are all familiar with high-speed rail. It shortens the distance between regions. China has now mastered the core technology of manufacturing high-speed rail, as well as a full set of production technologies. For carbon fiber composite materials, most people may not know that it is a new type of structural material. So if these two seemingly unrelated objects are mentioned together, what is the connection between them? In fact, carbon fiber composite materials can be used to make the shell of high-speed rail.
High-speed rail requires a lot of power. In order to meet the goals of energy saving and safety, the requirements for high-speed rail materials are light weight and high strength, and the density of carbon fiber composite materials is low. In the past, aluminum alloys were used to make car bodies because of the high specific strength of aluminum alloys, but the specific strength of carbon fiber composite materials is much higher than that of aluminum alloys, which can improve the overall safety performance.
When the train is running at high speed, it will encounter strong resistance. The carbon fiber composite material can use the advanced integrated molding process to make a front end that meets the requirements of aerodynamic line shape, and has excellent impact resistance. Even when the train runs at a speed of 300Km/h, it has good dimensional stability. Carbon fiber also has fatigue resistance, fire safety and other indicators that can meet the requirements of high-speed rail. It is believed that carbon fiber composite materials will definitely shine in the application of high-speed rail.
China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. introduced Japan’s Toray T300 and T700 high-performance carbon fiber raw materials, which can meet the application and manufacture of high-end parts and components in the fields of rail transit, automobile, aviation and military industry. The company has successively reached strategic cooperative relations with domestic first-class enterprises such as China South Locomotive Group and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to provide them with high-quality carbon fiber products.



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