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Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, Lightweight Rail Vehicles

Compared with other metal materials, carbon fiber composite materials have advantages that other metal materials cannot match in terms of weight reduction and design due to their high specific strength, specific modulus, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance. Carbon fiber composite materials have great market and development prospects in the field of rail transit. Using carbon fiber composite materials is the most environmentally friendly and lightweight choice. The following mainly introduces how carbon fiber composite materials can realize the lightweight of rail vehicles.
The weight of rail vehicles mainly comes from the body and on-board equipment as well as some interior decoration. Generally, there is not much space for weight reduction of on-board equipment, so the main weight reduction is concentrated on the body and interior decoration. In order to reduce the weight of the car body and realize the lightweight of the car body is a key indicator to reduce the energy consumption of train operation. At present, the use of domestic carbon fiber composite materials in the field of rail transit is mainly in some parts, such as carbon fiber hood and interior decoration. All parts can be made of carbon fiber composite material. The density of carbon fiber composite material is only 1.6g/cm3. The made hood can reduce the self-weight and realize the lightweight of the car body. Compared with glass fiber reinforced plastic products, the weight is reduced by at least 20%. Strength, stiffness and non-toxicity have significant advantages. The interior parts made of carbon fiber composite materials have a smooth surface and no defects such as white spots and bubbles, which can reduce the weight and ensure the aesthetics of the product.
In the process of developing large-scale carbon fiber composite components, it is necessary to comprehensively balance various key technologies in order to obtain high-performance carbon fiber products. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and manufacture of carbon fiber lightweight components. The company has a technical development team of fiber reinforced composite materials with excellent technology, innovation and efficiency, and rich experience. The current products are used in Taiwan and Japan. Leading brand raw materials, well meet the application and manufacture of rail transit components.

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