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Carbon Fiber Materials For Construction

Buildings are constantly damaged during use and affect their safe use. The most economical method is to reinforce and repair them.lThe application in strengthening and repairing concrete structures has attracted attention at home and abroad, and research and development have been started. In the late 1980s, a new technology for strengthening and repairing buildings with carbon fiber composite materials was developed abroad, and it was widely used in the 1990s. After the earthquake in Japan in 1994 and the reconstruction and repair after the earthquake in Taiwan, China in 1999, carbon fiber also played an important role.
There are three main aspects to consider when using carbon fiber in buildings. First, a set of design and construction specifications that are different from traditional reinforcement and repair methods must be established. Then, a new basic theoretical database of materials and design methods must be established. Prototype materials for new technologies, such as carbon fiber woven fabrics, unidirectional fabrics, mixed fabrics, primer resins, adhesives, and new construction equipment, are gradually forming an industry. In general, the reinforcement and repair technology currently used in my country is still very backward, and new technologies and prototype materials are rarely used, which will be gradually eliminated. As a new technology, carbon fiber reinforced repair is welcomed by various countries, and it has actually proved to be very effective.
The traditional method of repairing bridges is to use steel plates to surround the piers and then spot-weld the seams, and the middle needs to be filled with cement. The steel plate is easy to rust, and it is very troublesome to maintain it regularly every year. If you use carbon fiber material, you only need to stick the carbon fiber with resin, which saves a lot of work and costs, and does not require much maintenance in the later stage.
Not only is it used for reinforcement and repair, but carbon fiber rods can also be directly used in building structures, and carbon fiber felts can be mixed with concrete. Use open.



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