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Changes Of Alumina Ceramic Structural Parts At High Temperature

Changes of Alumina Ceramic Structural Parts at High Temperature

In the practical application of daily life, we all know that alumina ceramics are a kind of new high-tech ceramics, and we also pay much attention to alumina structural ceramic products.

Alumina ceramics have the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance and light weight. Alumina ceramics are a kind of material with alumina (AL2O3) as the main body, which is used for thick film integrated circuits.

The Changes Of Alumina Ceramic Structural Parts At High Temperature

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  • The first is creep. The structural parts of alumina ceramics will creep under the condition of high temperature. Under the action of external force, the reason for the increase of time, the phenomenon of slow and continuous plastic deformation is called creep. . During the creep phenomenon of the structural parts of alumina ceramics, there is a certain continuity in both temperature and stress.
  • If the stress increases or the temperature continues to rise, the creep speed will also continue to appear. Increase.In fact, it is spheroidization and graphitization. Under the action of high temperature, the cementite contained in the structural parts of alumina ceramic parts will accumulate or migrate due to the acquisition of relatively large energy. Cementite with coarse grains will also be mixed in ferrite, and cementite can also be directly transformed from flake to spherical, which is called spheroidization. Graphitization: refers to the fact that graphite has very low strength, and the main shape is flake, which causes the strength of alumina ceramics to be greatly reduced, and its brittleness also increases.
  • Finally, the performance of thermal fatigue: if the alumina ceramic structure is subjected to alternating cold and heat for a long time, the change in the internal temperature difference of the alumina ceramic will cause the continuous expansion of tiny cracks due to the action of thermal stress. In the end, a serious rupture occurred. Therefore, when the alumina ceramic structural parts work under the condition of fluctuating temperature, the fatigue performance of the alumina ceramic structural parts must be carefully considered.

The changes of alumina ceramic structural parts at high temperature are shared here. At high temperature, alumina ceramic structural parts will undergo changes in creep, spheroidization and graphitization, and thermal fatigue properties. The thermal fatigue performance fluctuates in temperature. Uncertain circumstances must be carefully considered.

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