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Chemical Heat Treatment of Steel in CNC Machine Tool Plant

Chemical heat treatment is to place a metal or alloy workpiece in an active medium at a certain temperature for heat preservation, so that one or several elements penetrate into its surface to change its chemical composition, structure and properties. Compared with surface quenching, chemical treatment not only changes the structure of the surface layer, but also changes the chemical composition of the surface layer. After chemical heat treatment in CNC machine tool factory, combined with conventional heat treatment, the surface and core of the same workpiece can obtain different microstructure properties.

The CNC machine tool factory can be divided into carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, boronizing and dissolving chromium, etc. according to the different elements infiltrated.

Port Carbon Of CNC Machine Tool Factory Steel

Carburizing is a chemical heat treatment process in which steel workpieces are heated and maintained in a carburizing medium to infiltrate carbon atoms into the surface layer. The main purpose of the carbon is to improve the surface strength, wear resistance and fatigue strength of the workpiece, while maintaining the good toughness of the core.

Carburizing steels are generally low-carbon non-alloy steels and low-carbon alloy steels, and the carbon content is oi%-o.2s%. The traditional carburizing methods include gas, liquid, and solid. Gas carburizing is commonly used in CNC machine tool factories. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of carburizing, new technologies such as vacuum carburizing and vacuum ion carburizing are gradually being promoted and applied.

Chlorination Of Steel In CNC Machine Tool Factory

Nitriding is a chemical treatment process in which nitrogen is infiltrated into the surface of the workpiece to obtain a high nitrogen hardened layer. The purpose of nitriding is to improve the surface hardness, fatigue strength, adhesion resistance and wear resistance of steel.
The steel for nitriding is usually steel with alloying elements such as Al, Cr, Mo, Ti, V, etc., because these elements easily form various nitrides with fine particles, uniform distribution, high hardness and stability with ammonia.

After nitriding, the workpiece will obtain high hardness, and no quenching treatment is required. In order to ensure the mechanical properties of the core, quenching and tempering treatment should be carried out before nitriding.

Compared with carburizing, the workpiece after nitriding has high hardness, wear resistance and hot hardness without quenching. However, the chlorine time in the roadway is long, the cost is high, and the nitriding layer is thin and brittle, which cannot withstand the impact. It is mainly used for precision parts with high surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, such as precision machine tool spindles, screw rods, etc.

Carbonitriding (Cyanidation) Of Steel In CNC Machine Tool Factory

Carbonitriding is the process of carburizing and ammonia to the surface of steel at the same time, which is customarily called cyanidation. Cyanidation in CNC machine tool factory is to put the workpiece in an active medium containing cyanide or cyanide, and after heating and holding for a certain period of time, carbon and nitrogen will diffuse into the surface layer of the workpiece. Because cyanide is highly toxic, gas carbonitriding has been gradually used instead of cyanide.

At present, there are many applications of medium temperature gas carbonitriding and low temperature gas carbonitriding. Medium temperature gas carbonitriding is mainly carburizing, and its purpose is to improve the hardness, wear resistance and fatigue strength of steel; low temperature gas carbonitriding Co-infiltration is mainly based on fluorine infiltration, and its purpose is to improve the wear resistance and adhesion resistance of steel.

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