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CNC Machine Tool Processing Technology

CNC machine tools have high production efficiency and processing automation. They have good machining accuracy of parts and good quality stability of products. They can complete many complex surface processing that are difficult or impossible to process with ordinary machine tools. There is almost no need for special tooling and fixtures. Products in process, improved economic benefits and greatly reduced labor intensity of operators – a series of advantages.

With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, vigorously developing the equipment manufacturing industry led by CNC machine tools has become an industrial policy of our government, which will have a significant impact on the development of CNC machine tools.

Making good use of CNC machine tools to improve the utilization rate of CNC machine tools has important practical significance. It can not only increase the efficiency of enterprises, but also help improve the overall quality of my country’s manufacturing industry and accelerate the process of building a manufacturing power.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tool processing technology refers to the use of computerized systems to control and automate the operation of machine tools in manufacturing processes. This technology has significantly transformed the manufacturing industry by improving precision, efficiency, and flexibility in various machining operations. Here are some key aspects of CNC machine tool processing technology:

CNC Machine Tool Processing Technology

CNC Machining Process Files

CNC machining process files are the specific embodiment of CNC machining and CNC machining process content. CNC process files commonly used in factories include CNC machining programming task books, CNC machining process cards, CNC machining tool adjustment sheets, and CNC machining.

Machine tool adjustment sheet, CNC machining feed route map, CNC machining program sheet, etc.

Among the above process documents, the CNC machining process card and the CNC tool list in the CNC machining tool adjustment sheet are the most important. The former is the file that describes the processing sequence and processing elements, and the latter is the basis for the use of the tool.

NC machining programming task book: It is an important basis for programmers and craftsmen to coordinate their work and compile programs. It mainly includes the technical requirements of the NC machining process, the process description, and the workpiece allowance before programming.

CNC Machining Process Card

The CNC machining process card is mainly used to reflect the auxiliary tools used, tool specifications, cutting parameters, cutting fluid, processing steps, etc. It is the main guide for the operator to cooperate with the CNC program for CNC machining. Process information. The CNC machine tool process card should be filled in according to the determined sequence of work steps.

Note: If only one step of the part is processed on the CNC machine tool, the process card may not be filled in. When the CNC machine tool process is not very complicated, the sketch of the part can be reflected on the process card, and the tool setting point and the origin of the succession can be indicated.

CNC Tool Adjustment Sheet

The CNC tool adjustment sheet mainly includes two parts: CNC tool card (referred to as tool card) and CNC tool detail table (referred to as tool table).

The CNC lathe tool card separately records each CNC tool number, tool structure, assembly name code, blade model and material, etc., which is the basis for assembling tools and adjusting tools.
The CNC tool list is the main basis for the tool adjuster to adjust the tool parameters.

Factors Affecting The Processing Quality Of CNC Machine

The application level of CNC machine tools is not high

CNC machining has been used in China’s manufacturing industry for a long time. Although there are strict CNC machine tool operating specifications and good machine tool maintenance, its own accuracy loss is inevitable. In order to control the processing quality of our products, we regularly inspect and maintain CNC equipment, clarify the processing accuracy of each equipment, and clarify the processing tasks of each equipment. For parts processing factories that produce large quantities of parts, the use of roughing and finishing equipment should be strictly distinguished, because the pursuit of roughing is high speed, high removal rate, and low processing accuracy, while finishing is the opposite, requiring high Precision.

The damage to the accuracy of the equipment is the most serious during rough machining, so we designate the equipment with a longer service life and the worst accuracy as special rough machining equipment, and new equipment and equipment with good accuracy as finishing equipment, so as to achieve Reasonable matching of existing equipment resources and clear division of labor minimize the impact of machine tools on processing quality, while protecting expensive CNC equipment and extending the life of the equipment.

The number and position of operations are unreasonable

When using CNC lathes for mass production, especially mass production, on the premise of ensuring processing quality, improving processing efficiency and ensuring the stability of the processing process are the basis for obtaining good economic benefits. When performing CNC turning batch processing, choosing a simple tool change method is an effective way to reduce tool change auxiliary time, reduce machine tool wear, and reduce processing costs. Improving the setting of tool change points is one of the effective attempts to achieve this purpose.

To this end, it is necessary to carefully analyze and optimize the design in terms of fixture selection, tool path arrangement, tool arrangement position and usage sequence, and improve the setting of tool change points to reduce operating costs and improve processing efficiency.

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