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Common Parameters Of CNC Machine Tools

Different processing types have their specific setting parameters, which can be divided into common parameters and specific parameters. In the surface machining system, common parameters include tool parameters and surface parameters. In a multi-axis machining system, common parameters include tool parameters and multi-axis parameters.

The setting methods of tool parameters in each milling module are the same, the surface parameters are basically the same for all surface processing modules, and the multi-axis parameters are basically the same for all multi-axis tool paths.

For all roughing and grinding combined finishing modules, you can use the “srrface paramrtara” tab to set surface parameters, as shown in Figure 7-12.

  • Height setting:In the “surface parameters” tab there are 4 parameters to define the toolpath in the z-axis direction; “clearance” (clearance), “retract” (reference height), “feedplane” (position of the lower tool) and “top of stock” (Workpiece surface). These parameters have the same meanings as the corresponding parameters in the 2D machining module. “depth” (final cutting depth) is automatically set by the system according to the shape of the surface, and there is no option in the surface finishing tab.
  • Regen file:When generating a surface machining toolpath, a rehen file of the surface machining toolpath can be set. When the toolpath is modified, the rehen file can be used to speed up the refresh of the toolpath. Click the “regen” button in the “Surface Machining Parameter Selection” dialog box to open the “regen fijes” dialog box, which is used to set the save location of the regen file.
  • Infeed and retract parameters:An infeed toolpath can be set in a surfacing toolpath. Check the box in front of the “direction” button in the “surface parameters” tab and click the button to open the “direction” dialog. This dialog box is used to set the tool path for infeed and retraction during surface machining.

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