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Compressed Air Is Influencing Factor That Determines The Quality Of Die Castings Precision Machining

There are about 12,600 existing die-casting companies and die-casting-related companies in China, of which more than 70% are producing die-casting parts. Companies such as alloys, die-casting machines, molds, melting equipment, coatings, testing equipment, various raw materials, peripheral equipment, and die-casting machine accessories account for about 30%. The output of domestic die-casting parts has long been ranked first in the world, and the GDP has reached 50%. Trillion yuan.

Compressed Air Is Influencing Factor That Determines The Quality Of Die Castings Precision Machining

Among the various ownership enterprises, the large-scale annual output of die-casting parts is 10,000 tons, the largest annual output is 60,000 tons, the medium-scaled annual output of die-casting parts is about 5,000 tons, and the small-scale die-casting parts are also several hundred tons. . The proportion of various die castings in the total die castings, aluminum alloy accounted for about 83%, zinc alloy accounted for 15%, and left gold accounted for 2%. Among them, the production of aluminum alloy and other die castings in 2014 was about 5.6 million tons.

The main output of die-casting products is automobile and motorcycle parts. The die-casting parts used on each automobile include gearbox housing, cylinder block, and crankcase quasi-die-casting parts. The average weight of die-casting parts for each automobile is 75 kg. It accounts for more than 50% of the overall domestic production of die castings.

The manufacturing precision requirements of die castings are very high, which mainly include multiple processes such as grinding, cutting, and welding.

In CNC centers, five-axis and three-axis CNC machine tools are mostly used for processing and production. The design of such high-precision machine tools mostly uses a series of high-precision pneumatic actuators such as cylinders. Affected by the traditional technology, the finished products produced by most casting manufacturers often have a high rate of defective products, and the processing accuracy is difficult to meet the requirements, and such problems have not been effectively solved. Many companies are puzzled: Why the machining accuracy of the same imported machine tool in China is far from that of foreign ones?

After searching for the reasons from many sources, it was finally found that the timeliness and accuracy of the movement of a series of pneumatic components such as the cylinders in the original CNC machine tools are crucial to the accuracy of processing, and the movement of pneumatic components is closely related to the quality of the air source. However, in most existing die-casting plants in the configuration of the air compressor system, the most traditional drying method is still used, that is, the post-cooling dryer cooling and drying treatment. The compressed air pressure dew point after cooling and drying is generally +10℃~+15℃ (Higher than the sixth grade requirement of the machinery industry standard JB/T5967-2007);

The pneumatic components used on high-precision CNC machine tools clearly require the pressure dew point to be below +3°C (in line with the fourth-level requirements of the machinery industry standard JB/T5967-2007), and the moisture content in the compressed air seriously exceeds the equipment requirements.

After finding out the reason, the post-processing equipment was rectified immediately, and the original cold dryer was replaced with a core adsorption dryer. After replacement, the pressure dew point can reach -20°C, which fully meets the production requirements. One month later, statistics and analysis of the accuracy of the production of defective products and finished products found that the defective products were reduced by 5% and the accuracy was greatly improved.

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