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Daily Management Of CNC Machine Tools

Whether CNC machine tools can fully play a role and achieve due economic benefits is closely related to production management, technical level, personnel support, and timely supply of basic components. Among them, production management mainly includes the following contents:

① Decentralized or centralized use of CNC machine tools. According to the current situation in our country, it is more advantageous to concentrate on using CNC machine tools. Centralized use means centralized management, which is easy to understand the situation and solve existing problems in a timely manner; the personnel for programming, operation, maintenance, and planning are concentrated together, which is convenient for mutual learning, communication, continuous summarization of experience, improvement of work, and common improvement; for CNC The blanks, tools, accessories, spare parts, etc. processed by the machine tool can be centrally managed, arranged and prepared.

Requirements for the centralized use and management of CNC machine tools:

①Analyze the parts to be processed on the CNC machine tools in advance, count the processing volume and the type and number of CNC machine tools to be added;

②Accurately select the model of CNC machine tools: specifications and accuracy;

③ Pre-train relevant personnel on CNC technology;

④ Correct acceptance and installation of CNC machine tools;

⑤ Trial processing of CNC machine tools; There should be records in order to summarize the experience and lessons in the use and management;

⑦ In the centralized use and management of CNC machine tools, there should be regular (half afternoon or one year) centralized discussions to make a summary, and the CNC machine tools are processed, faulted, repaired, and processed. Make detailed statistics on the number of pieces, economic benefits, etc.;

8. Leaders should have a special person to master the centralized use and management of CNC machine tools.

②Management of programming, operation, tools and maintenance personnel. The above-mentioned personnel should be matched, managed centrally, and strictly assessed. Ding Zuozhong should have clear responsibilities, division of labor and cooperation. Programmers should be familiar with the parts and processes processed on CNC machine tools, and use the concept of group 1 = art to classify and code parts suitable for processing on a certain type of CNC machine tools to compile typical processes. Paper tapes, processing parameters, etc. should be centrally and scientifically preserved and managed, and a corresponding database should be established gradually. Operators should be specialized and multi-skilled, and have an in-depth understanding of the structure, performance, characteristics of CNC machine tools and the advantages and disadvantages of similar CNC machine tools at home and abroad, so as to give full play to the efficiency of the machine tools. Tools and maintenance personnel should work closely with programmers and operators to make the use and management of CNC machine tools smooth.

③ Planning and arrangement of CNC machine tool processing parts. Use and manage CNC machine tools in a centralized manner, and make careful plans for parts suitable for CNC machining, so as to make preparations for programming, tools, and maintenance. The use of group T technology is very important for better arranging CNC machine tool parts family, which can improve processing quality, reduce waste, shorten processing cycle and reduce costs.

④Tool management. CNC machine tools are inseparable from the timely supply of complete sets of high-quality and advanced tools. During the use of CNC machine tools, detailed records should be made of the number of machined parts, materials, life, and quality of the tool.

⑤ Strengthen daily nursery management. In addition to machine tools, automatic tool changer (ATC), automatic pallet changer (APC) and other mechanical parts, CNC machine tools also have basic elements and components such as machinery, electricity, hydraulics, gas, electronics, and measurement, especially CNC systems. Sufficient spare parts should be available to facilitate timely repair in case of failure. In addition to troubleshooting, the daily maintenance of CNC machine tools should also require necessary regular maintenance. All technical personnel should cooperate closely, make detailed maintenance records, and count, summarize, and analyze the causes of failures and repair methods.


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