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Forged Magnesium Alloy Wheels Are The Perfect Configuration For Lightweight Cars

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued a fuel consumption regulation in 2015, which clearly stated that the actual average fuel consumption of domestic passenger cars will be reduced from 6.9L/100km in 2015 to 5L/100km by 2020. New fuel consumption restriction standards have also been implemented, and new requirements have been put forward for traditional automobile companies’ fuel consumption. If the average fuel consumption of automobile manufacturers cannot exceed the target value set by the government, they need to purchase from other companies that have fuel or new energy positive points Corresponding point filling is objectively a direct increase in operating costs for traditional auto companies. Therefore, the main direction of the future development of the automobile industry is to save energy and reduce emissions, and the lightweight of automobiles is an important means of energy saving and emission reduction.

Forged Magnesium Alloy Wheels Are The Perfect Configuration For Lightweight Cars

One of the important ways to reduce weight is to select lightweight materials under the requirements of ensuring strength and rigidity. Magnesium alloy is currently the most ideal and lightest metal structure material, and it is the first choice for cars to reduce their own weight to improve their energy saving and environmental protection. . At the same time, magnesium alloy has the advantages of low density, high specific strength and specific rigidity, good damping and shock absorption, good thermal conductivity, and strong electromagnetic shielding ability. It is currently the lightest metal structural material used.

And automobile wheels are the first goal of car weight reduction. Each wheel can reduce weight by 4-10 kg, and five wheels can reduce weight by 20-50 kg. This is still unsprung weight reduction. The forged magnesium alloy wheels also have the following characteristics:

1. Security

Magnesium alloy wheels have high strength, good impact resistance, and strong fatigue resistance; light weight, reduce inertial energy, reduce torque required for driving, increase speed, and brake quickly; low temperature dependence, good heat dissipation performance, and enable high-speed driving The heat of the tire is quickly dissipated, reducing the rate of puncture and prolonging the service life of the tire.

2. Energy saving

The weight of magnesium alloy wheels is light, which reduces the load of the whole vehicle. The unsprung mass of the car is reduced by one kilogram, which is equivalent to a reduction of ten kilograms. The car wheel belongs to the unsprung mass of the car, and the forged magnesium alloy wheel is half the mass of the cast aluminum alloy wheel. 1. The weight of the vehicle is equivalent to a reduction of more than one hundred kilograms, thereby reducing energy consumption and saving fuel. For fuel vehicles, the fuel saving rate is 8%-15%; for electric vehicles, the cruising range can be increased by 6%-10%.

3. Driving

Magnesium alloy materials have good damping performance, magnesium alloy wheels have strong shock absorption performance, shock absorption and noise reduction, and improve the comfort and drivability of the car; the lightweight of magnesium alloy wheels makes the suspension system have better dynamic response capabilities, and thus more controllability Superior, driving feel is better than wheels of other materials.

Because of technical bottlenecks, American car companies have only realized the application of 40Kg magnesium alloy materials to cars, while Chinese car companies have only used less than 1Kg magnesium alloy on the steering wheel. The world’s first magnesium alloy lightweight electric bus, which was just unveiled on September 29, 2016, successfully replaced aluminum alloy and steel materials with 226Kg magnesium alloy after overcoming the above-mentioned problems, which was a breakthrough in the world’s automobile industry. The first step must be the requirements for wheels, and the universal application of forged magnesium alloy wheels is an inevitable requirement for the progress of the times.

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