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How About The Hardness Performance Of Carbon Fiber Tube?

There are many production processes for carbon fiber tubes, such as winding, rolling, molding, autoclave and other forming methods. The price and performance of carbon fiber tubes under different processes will be different, mainly related to the actual use requirements and tube size specifications. , For the carbon fiber tubes produced by carbon fiber product manufacturers, most of them are completed by laminating carbon fiber prepregs, because this reduces the prepreg process in the early stage and greatly improves the production efficiency. No matter which carbon fiber tube production process is used, the strength of the carbon fiber tube is higher than that of the metal tube, and the hardness is also very high. For the specific performance, just follow the editor of the Be-cu prototype to see.


There are still many types of carbon fiber tubes. Like our common metal tubes, there are also many types of distinctions, such as round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, special-shaped tubes, etc. When it comes to hardness performance, as far as the general carbon fiber tube is concerned.

Hardness actually refers to specific strength. We usually refer to tensile strength. The strength refers to the deformation of the carbon fiber tube under pressure and the performance of fatigue resistance under the pressure of external force, which is similar to the specific strength. Strength means the bending resistance of the material divided by its density, which is the strength shown. This is why the carbon fiber tube outlaws the metal tube and plays a light weight. The hardness and strength of the carbon fiber tube are very high. This hardness can reach 10 times the hardness of steel. This is also an important reason why carbon fiber tubes are so popular.

The carbon fiber tube has high hardness, but in practical applications, it should be noted that the carbon fiber material is relatively brittle, especially if a sharp point force can easily cause the carbon fiber tube to rupture. Then pay attention at this time.

The hardness performance of carbon fiber tubes is very good, which also makes carbon fiber tubes very well used in many industries, such as aircraft wings, which need to have extremely high strength properties, such as mechanical arms and rollers on mechanical equipment. Other carbon fiber tube products have higher requirements for hardness. Including carbon fiber tube can be used as a very good load-bearing product. Carbon fiber tube is popular because of its high performance. If you need it, welcome to consult the editor of Be-cu prototype.


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