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How Strong Is The Carbon Fiber Board

Pre-oxidize and carbonize fibers with high carbon content at a high temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius to obtain a material with a carbon content higher than 92%, which is carbon fiber. Long carbon filaments are generally woven into cloth. Carbon fiber board is made of carbon cloth pre-impregnated with resin and pressed, which can be used for building reinforcement and micro manufacturing into mechanical parts or daily necessities.carbon fiber board,How strong is it?

How Strong Is The Carbon Fiber Board

Let’s first explain what the word strength means. Under the action of external force, the function of materials will gradually deteriorate. The reason why they can be used as usual is because they have a certain resistance to damage.

The strength of materials such as paper, cotton, and ceramics is lower, while the strength of steel, titanium alloy, and stone is higher. The strength of carbon fiber board is very high, and the tensile strength of ordinary T300, 3k carbon fiber board can reach 3600MPa. Some of its other properties, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stability, waterproof ability, etc. are very good.

Basic properties of carbon fiber sheets

Carbon fiber sheet is a composite material with excellent mechanical properties, composed of high modulus carbon fiber and binder. Compared with traditional materials, carbon fiber sheets have the advantages of high strength, high modulus, low density, and corrosion resistance. Its strength performance in different directions will be introduced below.

Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of carbon fiber sheets is mainly determined by the strength of carbon fiber bundles and the bonding strength between bundles. When the fiber and load directions are the same, the tensile strength of carbon fiber sheets can be close to the strength of unidirectional fiber reinforced materials, reaching a level higher than 1000MPa. Moreover, at the same strength level, the density of carbon fiber sheets is much lower than that of metal materials.

Compression Strength

Since the fiber content of carbon fiber sheets is as high as more than 60%, its transverse strength is relatively low and is much weaker in the compression direction than in the fiber direction. In order to improve its compressive strength, multi-axial weaving, fiber interlacing, lamination, etc. are usually used to enhance its compressive strength.

Bending Strength

The bending strength of carbon fiber sheets depends on their internal structure and fiber orientation. Normally, under fiber control, its bending strength is much higher than that of metal materials.

Factors Affecting Intensity

In addition to the performance advantages of the material itself, the strength of carbon fiber sheets is also affected by many factors. The most important factors are the supplier’s production process, material density, resin impregnation amount, fiber volume fraction, fiber orientation, etc. At the same time, the selection and combination of reinforcement methods are also important factors affecting intensity. After continuous optimization, various enhancement methods can currently provide strength levels higher than 1500MPa.

Comparing carbon fiber boards and engineering plastic boards of the same thickness, their density is about the same, about 1.78 g/cm3, and the volume is similar, but in terms of strength, the strength of engineering plastic boards is at most close to ordinary steel, while the strength of carbon fiber boards is that of steel. several times as much.

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