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How To Achieve Mirror Effect Of Zirconia Ceramics

I believe that everyone is familiar with zirconia ceramics. Zirconia ceramics are mainly inorganic non-metallic materials sintered at high temperature. This is mainly achieved by using the phase transformation of zirconia!

At the same time, zirconia ceramics need to be Grinding and polishing, zirconia ceramics can only achieve the best mirror effect after professional polishing.

How Does Zirconia Ceramics Achieve a Mirror Effect?

​​Be-Cu Ceramics specializes in the production of alumina, titania, zirconia, and silicon carbide special ceramic parts. The company takes a high starting point, high quality as the standard, strict selection of materials and standardization of production processes to ensure that The product quality is stable, and the products are widely used in textile, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, aviation, aerospace and other fields. If you want to know more about our products, you can come directly to our company for a deeper understanding.

  • From the perspective of the basic method of machining ceramic materials, ceramic materials usually need to be cut, ground, ground and polished into the parts required in the industry. Grinding and polishing is a super-finishing method that uses free abrasives to process surface materials to produce fine removal to achieve the effect of zirconia ceramics. In the process of ultra-finishing and finishing of zirconia ceramic materials, especially in the precision machining of zirconia ceramic bearings and ceramic balls, grinding and polishing are irreplaceable positions.
  • From the perspective of the removal mechanism of zirconia ceramic materials, grinding is a method between the brittle failure and elastic removal of zirconia ceramics, and the polishing process is basically within the elastic removal range of the material. conduct.

At this time, we can according to the grinding and polishing process, because the removal amount of zirconia ceramic material is small, so the machining efficiency will be relatively low, this time is generally used for the final process of zirconia ceramic ultra-finishing.

There is a significant relationship between the removal rate of the zirconia ceramic material processed by grinding and polishing and the toughness of the added zirconia ceramic material. The higher the toughness of the zirconia ceramic, the lower the machining efficiency of the zirconia ceramic.

When using a flat polishing machine to polish alumina ceramics, it is necessary to use an iron plate to roughen them, and then use a white cloth for polishing, but this method of use will be relatively slow.

At this time, when we use a white cloth for polishing, it takes 30-40 minutes. Only then can the desired mirror surface be achieved. Optical glass, sapphire and other optical materials, silicon wafers, As substrates and other semiconductor materials, zirconia ceramics, alumina ceramics and other ceramic materials are mostly mirror-finished by grinding, polishing and other methods.

How to achieve mirror effect of zirconia ceramics

The above is how to achieve the mirror effect of zirconia ceramics. I will share with you here. Zirconia ceramics are mainly inorganic non-metallic materials sintered at high temperature. Zirconia ceramics have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and Thermal shock resistance, etc. You can learn about the zirconia ceramic sintering process we mentioned last time. Be-Cu Ceramics has advanced production equipment and a group of first-class production technical management personnel.

The product quality has reached the domestic advanced level. Be-Cu Ceramics focuses on quality first, service first, realistic and innovative, and continuously improves the company’s business philosophy. Provide products that satisfy customers as much as possible, sincerely cooperate with new and old customers, and sustainable operation. Customers can order all kinds of ceramic workpieces and ceramic structural parts with samples and drawings.

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