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How To Weld Zirconia Ceramics To Stainless Steel

Zirconia ceramic itself already has very good performance. If we combine it with high-quality stainless steel materials, the superiority of this composite part will be better, but we must first Find out if stainless steel can be combined with zirconia ceramics, and then do it step by step.

And the composite parts of stainless steel and zirconia ceramics will be even better. However, the premise is that stainless steel and zirconia ceramics should be reasonably matched together. The professional technical team of Be-Cu Ceramics has high research and development capabilities, superb design and development capabilities, superb manufacturing technology and rich experience in solving product applications.

Weld Zirconia Ceramics To Stainless Steel

How To Weld Zirconia Ceramics To Stainless Steel

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First of all: Zirconia ceramics have huge advantages with high toughness, high wear resistance, high flexural strength, and excellent thermal insulation properties. The thermal expansion coefficient of zirconia ceramics is favored by users. However, instead of using zirconia ceramics directly, zirconia ceramics need to be sintered with stainless steel materials to form a composite part of stainless steel and zirconia ceramics.

Secondly: in the actual production process, we must first prepare the required composite materials, in addition to stainless steel parts and zirconia ceramic parts, we also need molybdenum foil and nickel foil as their auxiliary materials. Next, a nickel metal layer is deposited on the surface of the structural parts of the zirconia ceramics. After the process is handed over, we only need to put the zirconia ceramics, molybdenum foil, nickel foil and stainless steel parts together into a connecting mold.

At the same time, we can also put the connecting mold into a hot-pressing sintering furnace, and in a protective atmosphere, the structural parts of zirconia ceramics, molybdenum foil, nickel foil and stainless steel parts are solid-phase diffusion connected, so as to obtain stainless steel and zirconia ceramic composite pieces.

We need to wait until the workpiece of zirconia ceramics is cooled before taking it out of the hot pressing sintering furnace, thus obtaining the previous composite parts of stainless steel and zirconia ceramics. At the same time, the melting point of zirconia is higher than that of stainless steel. In general, stainless steel will melt before zirconia. As long as we operate according to the method described above, the two can be well combined.

How to make zirconia ceramics and stainless steel welded together, I will share with you here. Because stainless steel and zirconia ceramics are very unique materials, they both have many superior properties, so the two The combined composite part is bound to be more excellent, can meet more application requirements and expand its application range. Be-Cu Ceramics is a professional supplier of precision ceramic products. It has a complete set of production capabilities for precision ceramic product research and development, molding, sintering, machining and testing. It can customize and produce various precision ceramics according to customer needs. product.

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