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Macor Machinable Ceramic Factory

Macor Machinable Ceramic Factory

Current machinable ceramics tend to bring innovation to medical technology. MACOR glass-ceramic is a cost-effective high-performance material that can completely replace conventional materials such as glass, metal and plastic.

Due to its inert and low-density structure, MACOR glass-ceramics specialize in the development of certain medical devices. It can be processed by ordinary metal machining tools without the use of standard tooling, which greatly reduces development time.

What Is Macor Machinable Ceramic

Macor is a machinable glass-ceramic material known for its unique combination of properties, making it suitable for various engineering and industrial applications. It is a trademarked product of Corning Incorporated. Macor is composed of a specially formulated glass-ceramic material that exhibits characteristics of both ceramics and glass.

MACOR glass ceramics are a trusted engineering solution and are used in the US space shuttle program. At the same time, it is also a composite low-density glass-ceramic material, which can be used in vacuum, radiation and electronic isolation environments. MACOR glass-ceramic not only has the hardness and durability of industrial ceramics, the versatility of high-performance polymers, and the machinability of soft metals, but its durability and flexibility allow it to be used in medical device systems. Zero MACOR with complex geometries can be combined with Many metal seals and works well in harsh environments. Therefore, it is a reliable and popular product in the medical and dental fields in Europe and the United States.

Key features and properties of Macor

Here are some key features and properties of Macor:

  1. Machinability: One of the primary advantages of Macor is its machinability. Unlike traditional ceramics that are difficult to machine, Macor can be easily machined using conventional metalworking tools. This makes it a versatile material for creating intricate and precise components.
  2. Thermal Stability: Macor has excellent thermal stability and can withstand high temperatures without softening or deforming. It has a high melting point, making it suitable for applications in high-temperature environments.
  3. Electrical Insulation: Macor is an excellent electrical insulator, which makes it useful for applications where electrical insulation is required.
  4. Low Thermal Conductivity: While Macor is thermally stable, it also has relatively low thermal conductivity compared to metals. This property makes it useful in applications where thermal insulation is necessary.
  5. Chemical Resistance: Macor is resistant to many chemicals, providing durability in corrosive environments.
  6. Dimensional Stability: Macor exhibits good dimensional stability, maintaining its shape and dimensions even under varying temperature conditions.
  7. Transparency: In its pure form, Macor is transparent. However, it can be opaque or translucent depending on additives or pigments introduced during the manufacturing process.

Common applications of Macor

  • Insulating Components: Due to its electrical insulation properties, Macor is used in the production of insulating components for electronic and electrical applications.
  • High-Temperature Components: Its ability to withstand high temperatures makes Macor suitable for use in aerospace, automotive, and other industries where heat-resistant components are required.
  • Precision Parts: Macor’s machinability allows for the production of precision parts and components for various industries.
  • Medical Equipment: Macor is used in some medical applications where its combination of properties meets specific requirements.

It’s important to note that while Macor shares some characteristics with traditional ceramics, its machinability sets it apart and makes it a preferred choice in certain applications where precision and ease of machining are critical.

MACOR glass ceramics made from Be-Cu ceramics have become a major technological innovation recognized worldwide, as well as a technical solution with a wide range of industrial applications. By maximizing their potential, MACOR gives technical ceramics the versatility of high-performance polymers with the unique processability of soft metals. 

Be-Cu Ceramics has launched a glass-ceramic for MACOR™ advanced machinable glass-ceramic. This material is known for its excellent physical properties, high dielectric strength, electrical resistivity, and tight tolerance and high temperature resistance. Then paired with the expertise and manufacturing capabilities of Be-Cu Ceramics, custom parts can be produced without outsourcing MACOR?.

The components produced are not only used in ultra-high or constant vacuum environments, but also in the aerospace and nuclear energy fields. This material is also ideal for fixtures for thermoelectron cutting. In recent years, manufacturers of medical components have used this material in complex ceramic components such as surgical tools, medical instruments, therapeutic and diagnostic equipment, and more.

Be-Cu Ceramics and Ceramics Factory specializes in machining MACOR glass ceramics® into complex parts to 0.4-inch precision. This material can be machined to a surface finish of less than 20 microinches and ground to a smoothness of 0.4 microinch-Ra. The machining process is fast, the cost is low, it does not need to be fired after machining, and it will not shrink after the production is completed. There is no need to use any expensive hardware or diamond tools in the process. Pintejin Ceramics and Ceramics Factory combines a variety of technologies and machining methods to manufacture MACOR® glass ceramics, using more than 60 years of rich experience in manufacturing ceramics to perfect the technology. Calibration can be performed with only available equipment and experienced personnel.

From leads to seals to insulators and technical support, Be-Cu Ceramics’ manufacturing capabilities enable products to be produced to the smallest tolerances.

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