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Motor Of CNC Machine Tool And Electric Control Of Machine Tool

Modern metal cutting machine tools use electric motors as power sources. Machine tool spindle speed, table or tool post feedThe regulation and the control and operation of the working cycle are inseparable from the electrical components, electronic components and systems. The electrical control system of the machine tool has become an indispensable part of the modern machine tool. The electrical-based automatic control system continuously improves the performance of the machine tool and greatly simplifies the structure of its working mechanism and transmission mechanism.

After more than a century of development, with the continuous updating of electrical appliances and electrical control systems, the structure of machine tools has not changed.Continuous improvement, performance continues to improve. Electric drag has unparalleled advantages and development prospects in speed regulation. The use of DC stepless speed regulation motor to drive the machine tool makes the original complex structure of the gearbox very simple, greatly simplifies the machine tool structure, and improves the transmission efficiency and rigidity. In recent years, the motor-spindle components for CNC machine tools, milling machines, and machining center machine tools have been successfully developed. The rotor of the AC motor is directly installed on the spindle, so that it has a wider range of stepless speed regulation, and the vibration and noise are stable. Reduced and completely replaced the spindle speed change gearbox, which will have a profound impact on the transmission and structure of the machine tool.

In terms of electrical control, modern machine tools have comprehensively applied many advanced scientific and technological achievements, such as: computer technologytechnology, electronic technology, automatic control theory, precision measurement technology, etc. Especially in today’s information age, microcomputers have been widely used in all walks of life, and machine tools are one of the earliest devices to use computers. already 20 century 40 At the end of the 1990s, electronic computers were organically combined with machine tools to produce new machine tools. At present, various types of microcomputers with high quality, low price and reliable performance are widely used in the machine tool industry. Various factories and enterprises in my country are also vigorously using and promoting CNC machine tools and digital display devices controlled by microcomputers.

The application of the latest science and technology makes the electrical equipment of machine tools continuously modernize, and continuously improve the degree of automation of machine tools and machine tools.Processing efficiency, expanding the scope of the process, shortening the labor intensity and reducing product costs.Various mechatronics that appear todayChemical products, CNC machine tools, robots, flexible manufacturing systems, etc. are the fruits of the modernization of machine tool electrical equipment.

All in all, electrical automatic control has an extremely important position in modern machine tool equipment, mechatronics, machinery manufacturingand equipment and other majors, as well as engineering and technical personnel engaged in mechanical design and manufacturing must master machine tool electrical and microcomputerTheoretical methods of control.


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