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Performance Analysis of Carbon Fiber Round Tube

Carbon fiber round tube is a typical product in carbon fiber applications. It has more advantages than metal round tube in terms of specific strength, specific modulus, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, etc., and has become an important structural material.

Carbon fiber round tubes are mostly made of rolling process. From the current production of carbon fiber round tubes, the applications are mostly concentrated in round tubes within 100mm.

It has excellent application prospects. In this article, we will specifically understand the performance advantages of carbon fiber round tubes.  

Carbon fiber round tubes are mostly made of rolling process. From the current production of carbon fiber round tubes, the applications are mostly concentrated in round tubes within 100mm.

The most prominent feature of carbon fiber composites in mechanical properties is anisotropy, and the mechanical properties in the fiber direction and the vertical fiber direction are completely different. Under the deformation, the carbon fiber tube firstly breaks the matrix, and then gradually begins to act as a fiber, and finally the fiber breaks.

Strength Analysis Of Carbon Fiber Tubes

The strength of a carbon fiber tube depends on the strength of its material and the way it is laid out. Material strength is mainly related to the selection of fiber varieties and resin matrix, and the layout methods include axial, hoop and oblique.

In the axial layout, carbon fiber tubes have high tensile strength, but low strength under compression and bending forces. In a hoop layout, carbon fiber tubes have high compressive strength but low strength under tensile and bending forces. The diagonal layout improves the bending and shear strength of carbon fiber tubes.

Stiffness Analysis Of Carbon Fiber Tubes

The stiffness (elastic modulus) of carbon fiber tubes is related to the elastic modulus of the material and is generally used to measure the bending stiffness of the material. The elastic modulus of carbon fiber tubes is usually 70-100GPa, which is more than 5 times that of steel.

Fatigue Performance Analysis Of Carbon Fiber Tubes

The fatigue life of carbon fiber tubes is related to factors such as its working environment, working load, cycle, etc. Carbon fiber tubes are prone to fatigue failure under bending loading, but their fatigue properties under axial and hoop loading are much better. In order to improve the fatigue life of carbon fiber tubes, measures such as strengthening and improving the layout can be taken.

  • Measures to improve the mechanical properties of carbon fiber tubes
  • Optimize the design, adopt a reasonable combination of fiber materials and matrix materials, and control the manufacturing process.
  • Strengthen surface protection to prevent mechanical damage, ultraviolet rays and chemical corrosion.
  • The use of composite materials combining fiber reinforced materials with metal can improve the strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance of carbon fiber tubes.

In conclusion, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber tubes are one of the key factors to consider in many manufacturing fields. By optimizing design, strengthening protection and using composite materials, the mechanical properties and service life of carbon fiber tubes can be improved.

Bending strength refers to the performance of structural materials under static bending load. Metal materials such as cold-rolled steel and titanium alloys do not have bending strength, and the bending strength of our commonly used T300 carbon fiber can reach 8500MPa. Generally, carbon fiber tubes of the same material, carbon fiber circular tubes with a diameter of more than 100mm and a diameter of less than 30mm can show good linear elasticity when the axis is stressed, and also show obvious brittleness when damaged.  

Among the factors affecting the performance of carbon fiber round tubes, the diameter is not the direct factor, but the laying process and machining technology are the decisive factors. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a powerful CNC Machining manufacturer of carbon fiber products. It has large hydraulic pipes, hot press forming tables, CNC high-speed milling machines and other equipment. It also has a team of highly skilled, innovative, efficient and experienced engineers. The fiber-reinforced composite material technology development team insists on providing customers with high-quality carbon fiber products.


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