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Prospects For Aluminum-Based Silicon Carbide Machining

Aluminum-based silicon carbide is the abbreviation of a ceramic and metal-aluminum composite material. This composite material fully combines the different advantages of silicon carbide ceramics and metal aluminum.

This aluminum-based silicon carbide composite material has high hatred. High thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, good heat dissipation performance, wear resistance, high strength, high hardness and other comprehensive excellent properties, aluminum-based silicon carbide is the leader of the new generation of electronic packaging materials.

Aluminum-Based Silicon Carbide Machining

Prospects For Aluminum-Based Silicon Carbide Machining

The aluminum-based silicon carbide composite material meets the machining needs of lightweight packaging and high density. This material is very suitable for high-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail and microwave. The development of energy vehicles, aluminum silicon carbide has great market potential. Be-Cu Ceramics is mainly based on machining aluminum-based silicon carbide. Be-Cu Ceramics can set up appropriate machining technology according to the machining drawings and needs provided by customers. Our company focuses on the quality and needs of products, and the machining equipment and machining technology are also First-class,.

According to the content of aluminum-based silicon carbide, we can be divided into low, medium and high volume fractions. Among them, the application of aluminum-based silicon carbide electronic materials is mainly based on high volume fractions. Now the most commonly used series are AlSiC7 and AlSiC8. The main application of aluminum-based silicon carbide composite materials is IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) module packaging;

Aluminum-based silicon carbide power microwave module packaging; photoelectric converters, and packaging of laser diodes and light-emitting diodes; microprocessor cover plates and heat sinks; various integrated circuit packaging tube and shell parts with complex shapes; this aluminum-based silicon carbide composite At the same time, the material can also be used as a structural part in engine piston rings, automobile hubs, helicopter accessories, etc., and it can also be used as brake materials, textile machine grinding wheels and other applications.

At present, CPS Corporation of the United States and Denka Chemical Corporation of Japan are the two largest producers of aluminum silicon carbide substrate products in the world, which occupy most of the global aluminum-based silicon carbide industry market share. China achieved a new breakthrough in aluminum-based silicon carbide technology in 2013. Now, with the development of new energy vehicles, the domestic demand for aluminum-based silicon carbide composite materials continues to increase. In 2018, the domestic aluminum-based silicon carbide market growth rate reached 57.2% %.

New thinking industry researchers believe that with the continuous progress and development of electronic manufacturing technology, it is difficult for the first and second generation materials to meet the needs of contemporary electronic packaging. The third generation packaging materials represented by aluminum-based silicon carbide and aluminum silicon It has become the mainstream, and it is expected that the market size of domestic aluminum silicon carbide composite materials will reach 740 million yuan in 2023.Be-Cu ceramics can also be customized according to the drawings and machining requirements provided by customers. And the products processed by Be-Cu Ceramics basically have no problems, and customers are quite satisfied.

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