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Selection Of Main Parameters Of Chain Drive Of CNC Machine Tool


When designing a chain drive, the transmitted power P, the speed of the small sprocket m, the speed of the large chain z or the transmission ratio z, the load situation and the use conditions are generally known.

It is necessary to determine the chain number (pitch), the number of teeth of the sprocket, z:, the number of chain links Lp. Center distance n, as well as the size of the sprocket mechanism and the transmission lubrication method. The influence of the main parameters of the CNC machine tool on the transmission and the selection method are as follows.

1. The number of teeth of the CNC machine tool z, 2: and the transmission ratio z

The number of sprocket teeth determines the smoothness of the chain drive and the size of the load. If Zl is too small, the unevenness of motion and the increase of impact load will increase the wear of the chain and sprocket and reduce the service life. Therefore, z1 ≥ 17 is generally taken in the design (also according to Table 5 14, the chain speed can be calculated first, and then z.); the number of teeth of the large sprocket is 2-. t. ZIZ, usually ≤120, otherwise the large sprocket has too many teeth, which will not only increase the transmission size, but also reduce the wrapping angle of the chain on the sprocket. Usually z≤6, z=2~35 is generally recommended, and t may be larger at low speed. In order to make the two sprockets and the chain wear evenly on the CNC machine tool, the number of teeth of the two sprockets should be as odd as possible (preferably prime numbers with the number of chain links). 57, 76, 95, 114, etc.

2. The numerical control machine tool determines the calculation power P.

Calculate the power P. is based on the transmitted power P. It is determined by considering the type of prime mover and the nature of the load at the same time, namely P. -KAP. K. The meaning is the same as above.

3.Initial setting center distance and chain link teaching of CNC machine tools

If the value of the center distance is too small, the transmission structure will become compact, but the wrapping angle of the chain on the small sprocket will be reduced, and the phenomenon of de-chaining and tooth skipping will easily occur. The wear and fatigue of the chain will be reduced, and the service life of the chain will be reduced; if the center distance is too large, the structure size of the transmission will increase, and the sag of the loose edge of the chain will increase, which will increase the jitter of the loose edge during transmission, affecting the stability. In most cases, the center distance is a. -(30~50)p, generally take n. <80p (household is the chain pitch).

4.CNC machine tool determines chain model and chain pitch sound

The larger the chain pitch p, the higher the bearing capacity, but the larger the structural size of the chain and the sprocket, the more serious the unevenness and impact of the transmission. In the design of CNC machine tools, in the case of satisfying the transmission power, the smaller chain pitch is selected as much as possible; if the transmitted power is large and the speed is high, the small-pitch multi-row chain can be selected. The more the number of rows, the higher the manufacturing cost. The higher the value, the more difficult it is to keep the load on each row chain evenly, usually the number of rows is 3 to 4.

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