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CNC Milling Off-White Flame-Retardant ABS Plastic Parts

Flame-Retardant ABS Plastic Parts

  • Product Name: ABS Parts
  • No+Color: Off-White
  • Surface Treatment: Custom
  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Proofing Cycle:7 days(100000 pcs/M)
  • Application:Precision Cnc Machining
  • machining Factory:Be-cu Rapid Prototyping Companies
  • Product Category: Machinery Parts
  • Production Process: Cnc Machining ABS
  • Size: According To Customer’s Drawings
ABS | Machinery | Oil & Gas | Plastic

High-Quality CNC Milling Off-White Flame-Retardant ABS Plastic Parts

Flame-Retardant ABS includes additives that enhance its flame-retardant properties, making it suitable for applications where fire resistance is important. Flame-retardant ABS can be used in electronic enclosures, automotive components, and more.

The Advantages Of CNC Milling Off-White Flame-Retardant ABS Plastic Parts

  • – Excellent wear and impact resistance
  • – Durable and solid, long lifetime
  • – Good strength and electrical conductivity
  • – Customization based on customer specification

Specifications of CNC Milling Off-White Flame-Retardant ABS Plastic Parts

Surface TreatmentCustom
Main ProcessCNC Milling, Swiss Machining, 5 Axis Cnc Machining , CNC Turning
Quality ControlStrictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing, Coordinate-measuring machine
UsageMachinery Parts
Customized DrawingsAuto CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is available in various grades and formulations, each designed to meet specific performance characteristics for different applications. When considering the material grade of ABS for CNC machining, it's important to choose a grade that aligns with your project's requirements.

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