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Shenyang Machine Tool Adjustment And Maintenance

Adjustment and maintenance of machine tools, including those produced by Shenyang Machine Tool Company, are essential to ensure optimal performance, accuracy, and longevity. Regular maintenance and proper adjustments can minimize wear and tear, prevent breakdowns, and improve overall productivity.

840D adjustment Compared with the previous CNC, the adjustment of 840D has both similarities and differences. The same is that the axis selection is still done through Shenyang Machine Data (MD); the difference is that the axis adjustment has been softwareized on the 840D. The following are respectively introduced as follows:

NC Shenyang Machine Data

The machine data of 840D can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  • General Shenyang machine data. The range of this type of machine data is: NC-MD10000~19600.
  • Channel-related Shenyang machine data. The range of this type of machine data is: NC-MD20000—29000.
  • Axis-related machine data. The range of this type of Shenyang machine tool data is: NC-MD30110~ 38010, this type of data defines the form of the axis, such as linear axis or rotary axis.
  • FDD(feed axis drive) data. The range of this type of Shenyang machine data is: NC-MDIOOO ~1799 (each feed axis has a set of this type of data).
  • MSD(spindle drive) data. The scope of this type of Shenyang machine tool data is: NC-MD2005—2725 (each spindle has a set of this type of data); the type of motor used is defined in this type of data.
  • Driver configuration file. In this drive configuration file, you can define the drive module used, whether it is a feed axis or a spindle, etc.
  • Display and manipulate data. The range of this type of machine data is: NC-MD9000-9999, this type of data is used to set the display of the V24 communication port and CRT.

PLC User Program

The PLC user program of 840D, like other CNC PLC user programs, is a program about the logical relationship between Shenyang machine tool status, peripheral input signals and control switches, that is, the logical relationship of Shenyang machine tool electrical control is mainly determined in the PLC user program.

The PLC user program of 840D is written by STW7 programming language, which can be programmed by PC720/PC740.The PLC user program can be edited, passed on, and sent out; it can also perform on-line diagnosis and status control of the PLC; it can read out the interrupt stack and signal status; it can also start and stop the PLC to find and process PLC-related issues for Shenyang machine tools. The fault provides great convenience

Below are some general guidelines for machine tool adjustment and maintenance:


Maintaining a clean work environment is crucial for the proper functioning of machine tools. Regularly clean the machine surfaces, chip trays, coolant tanks, and any other areas prone to debris accumulation. Use appropriate cleaning solutions and methods to prevent damage to sensitive components.


Proper lubrication is essential to reduce friction, prevent wear, and extend the life of moving parts. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication intervals and use the correct lubricants for each part. Regularly inspect and replenish lubricants as needed.


Machine tool alignment is critical to achieving accurate and precise results. Check and adjust the alignment of various machine components, such as the bed, slide ways, and spindle, using precision measuring instruments. Ensure that the machine is level and properly anchored to the foundation.


Periodically calibrate the machine’s measuring and positioning systems to ensure accurate readings. Use calibrated reference tools and follow the manufacturer’s calibration procedures. This step is especially crucial for CNC machine tools.

Check and Replace Wear Parts:

Regularly inspect and replace worn-out or damaged parts such as belts, gears, bearings, and cutting tools. Timely replacement of worn parts can prevent unexpected breakdowns and maintain consistent performance.

Check and Adjust Tooling:

Ensure that cutting tools, tool holders, and tool turrets are properly installed and securely tightened. Check tool runout and adjust as necessary to prevent vibration and tool wear.

Coolant System Maintenance:

Clean and maintain the coolant system regularly to prevent chip buildup and ensure proper cooling and lubrication during machining operations. Monitor coolant levels, concentration, and pH to optimize cutting performance and prevent corrosion.

Electrical System Maintenance:

Inspect electrical connections and wiring regularly to identify and address any loose connections or signs of wear. Clean electrical contacts and components as needed.

Safety Checks:

Regularly inspect safety features, such as emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and guarding systems, to ensure they are functioning correctly. Address any safety issues promptly.

Operator Training:

Train machine operators in proper machine operation, maintenance, and safety practices. Empower them to identify and report any issues they encounter during daily operation.


Maintain detailed records of maintenance activities, adjustments, and repairs. This documentation can help in diagnosing issues, scheduling maintenance tasks, and tracking the machine’s performance over time.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Follow a scheduled maintenance plan based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the machine’s usage. Regularly perform preventive maintenance tasks to detect and address potential issues before they escalate.

Proper adjustment and maintenance of Shenyang machine tools are essential to ensure their reliability, accuracy, and longevity. By following a comprehensive maintenance plan and addressing any issues promptly, machine operators and maintenance personnel can optimize the performance of the machine tools, leading to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness in various manufacturing processes. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and user manuals for specific maintenance and adjustment instructions tailored to the specific model of the machine tool.

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