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Short Carbon Fiber Surface Copper Plating Process

As a reinforcing phase, carbon fiber in carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composites must be closely bonded with the matrix aluminum alloy to reflect the reinforcing properties of carbon fiber. Since carbon fiber and aluminum will have a chemical reaction, it is necessary to modify the surface of carbon fiber to enhance the adhesion between the carbon fiber and the aluminum alloy matrix, and to cut off the chemical reaction between the carbon fiber and the matrix.
According to China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd., it is found that the interface wetting angle between liquid aluminum and carbon is greater than 90°, while the wetting angle between aluminum and copper is 0°. It can be completely infiltrated and bonded. Therefore, copper plating on the surface of carbon fiber can effectively increase the adhesion between carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, and play a role in isolating the chemical reaction between aluminum and carbon fiber.
At present, the main processes of copper plating on carbon fiber surface include ion sputtering, chemical vapor deposition CVD, metal powder spraying, electroplating and electroless plating. Among them, ion sputtering and CVD equipment are expensive, and the conditions are complex and difficult to control and withstand; however, the adhesion of the coating obtained by metal powder spraying is relatively poor, and the coating is easy to fall off. Therefore, the surface modification of short fibers is mainly through the process of electroplating and electroless plating.
Electroless plating does not require power equipment, costs less, and can deposit layers on non-conductors, and the sensitive layer is more uniform and dense. The chemical plating process has relatively little environmental pollution, and has gradually replaced electroplating as an environmentally friendly surface modification treatment process in many cities. However, when carbon fiber is electroless copper-plated, because the diameter of the carbon fiber monofilament is only 7 μm and the specific surface area is large, it is difficult to coat the core of the carbon fiber bundle with metal during the electroless plating process, and the phenomenon of “black center” and “caking” occurs.
At the same time, when the carbon fiber surface is electroless copper, different stirring methods have different effects on the coating. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. recommends that for the problem of poor wettability between carbon fiber and aluminum matrix interface, different stirring vows, different main salt content and different stabilizer methods can be used to plate the surface of carbon fiber. Copper, can solve the problem of “black heart” and “caking” very well. If you have any needs for carbon fiber, you are welcome to inquire us, or click the online customer service on the right to contact us, we look forward to cooperating with you.

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