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Silicon Nitride Ceramics Have Gradually Become The Preferred Material For Ceramic Bearings

Silicon Nitride Ceramics Have Gradually Become The Preferred Material For Ceramic Bearings

In recent years, whether it is machine tool bearings or aerospace bearings, most of them use silicon nitride ceramic materials today, and it can be said that bearings made of such materials have good performance in all aspects. The silicon nitride ceramic machining of Pintejin ceramics has good quality and performance, and is loved by customers and friends. In order to further understand silicon nitride, the following content will be introduced by Pintejin ceramics technicians in detail. Silicon nitride ceramics What are the advantages of bearings. The contact number of ceramic machining business is [email protected].

  • First of all, the reason why silicon nitride ceramic bearings can work in certain environments and situations is the function of silicon nitride ceramics. Friends who have some knowledge of silicon nitride ceramics know that the elastic modulus of silicon nitride is much higher than that of metal, and the elastic deformation after stress can reduce the vibration of the machine tool to a certain extent, so there are many ultra-fine machine tools. Silicon nitride ceramic materials are used for the main shaft of the high-precision aerospace bearings and the aerospace bearings with very high precision.
  • The second advantage is: because silicon nitride ceramics have high hardness, silicon nitride ceramics make bearings with very good wear resistance. In addition to these, the mechanical strength of silicon nitride ceramics is also very high, its tensile strength and flexural strength are similar to those of metals, and its compressive properties are very strong, especially under high temperature conditions, silicon nitride ceramic bearings are still It can maintain high strength and hardness. Compared with bearings of other materials, silicon nitride ceramic bearings are longer.

We all know that the friction coefficient of silicon nitride ceramics is very small. Silicon nitride ceramic bearings have low heat generation performance. Compared with metal materials, silicon nitride ceramics have poor thermal conductivity, resulting in silicon nitride ceramic bearings. The job is to generate very little heat. Therefore, silicon nitride ceramic bearings have been loved by many industries.

According to the above, we have learned that because of the excellent performance characteristics of silicon nitride ceramic materials, bearings made of silicon nitride have been used in many industries. It can also be said that silicon nitride ceramic bearings have become a Products that are indispensable in many industries will be more popular in the future. Pintejin Ceramics is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and machining of silicon nitride, with strong technical capabilities and advanced production equipment. Pintejin Ceramics sincerely welcomes people from all walks of life to negotiate and create a win-win situation.

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