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Spindle Components Of CNC Machining Centers

The role and function of the spindle The spindle component is one of the execution components of the forming movement of the machining center, and the spindle component of the machining center is required to have high running accuracy, long-term accuracy retention and long-term accuracy stability.

The machining center is usually used as a precision machine tool, and the running accuracy of the spindle components determines the machining accuracy of the machine tool. There are generally two methods for evaluating the running accuracy of machine tools: dynamic inspection and static inspection. Static inspection refers to the inspection of the runout of each positioning surface and working surface of the main shaft components under the condition of low speed or dynamic rotation of the main shaft. The dynamic inspection needs to use a certain instrument under the rated speed of the machine tool main shaft, and use a non-contact detection method to test the rotation accuracy of the main shaft.
Since the machining center usually has the function of automatic tool change, the tool is fastened by the tensioning mechanism installed inside the spindle of the machining center through the special tool holder, so the rotation accuracy of the spindle should consider the error caused by the machining error of the positioning surface of the tool holder. Machining center spindle bearings usually use C-class bearings. In the two-support spindle components, 41 and 22 are mostly used in combination, that is, four radial thrust bearings and one radial ball bearing are used for the front support and the rear support respectively. The supports use two radial thrust bearings to form the support system of the main shaft components. For light-duty high-precision machining centers, there is also a support system in which a radial thrust bearing is used for the front and rear supports to form the spindle components. This structure is suitable for high-precision and high-speed spindle components. The spindle accuracy is lost due to assembly errors and heat conduction, but the bearing capacity of the spindle will be greatly reduced.
When ordering the spindle bearings, you can choose single use order or paired use order. Paired use When ordering, the supplier will match the inner and outer rings of the paired bearings so that they have the specified axial interference after preloading on the main shaft. The optimal installation position of the paired bearings in the circumferential direction of the main shaft will also be marked by the supplier to meet the working performance requirements after the main shaft is installed.


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