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The Application Of Zirconia Ceramics In Micromechanical Industry

The Application Of Zirconia Ceramics In Micromechanical Industry

The new material industry is an industry that china is striving to develop rapidly. Zirconia ceramic materials have the advantages of high temperature, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and high hardness.

Under Some Harsh Working Conditions, Such As High Temperature, High Strength

The application of zirconia ceramics in the field of micro-machines is very extensive. Now the domestic industry is developing very rapidly, and zirconia ceramic materials are gradually being widely used in the field of micro-machines. And gradually expand to more fields application. Be-Cu Ceramics is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various ceramic materials. Zirconia ceramic materials are one of our most important products. We can perform micro-precision machining of zirconia ceramic materials. We will introduce you to the application of zirconia ceramics in the micromechanical industry. .

Zirconia ceramics have superior performance in micro-mechanical fields, such as micro-burners, micro-reactors, and high-temperature pressure sensing used under high temperature conditions. At the same time, some ceramic materials have good biocompatibility and can be used as complex and bone tissue. stents and other biomedical fields.

The development of science and technology has made the microfabrication technology of zirconia ceramic material products become an important topic that all countries pay attention to. Equipment continues to be miniaturized, and zirconia ceramics have very broad application prospects in the fields of automobiles, medical care, aviation, aerospace, military, and environmental testing.

Application Of Zirconia Ceramics

In the automotive field, zirconia ceramics are used in micro pressure sensors to detect engine intake pipe pressure, micro accelerometers used in automotive air bag systems, and micro angular velocity meters for wheel slip and roll control .
In the medical field, zirconia ceramics are widely used in medicine. We commonly use dentures, as well as various bone substitutes implanted in the human body. Bodhisattva micro-devices used in zirconia ceramics Such as micro pumps, micro valves, micro tweezers, micro flow meters, etc. Micro inertial measurement devices, micro-total analysis systems, RF sensors, etc. used in the military field.

The application of the above zirconia ceramics in the micromechanical industry is introduced here. Be-Cu Ceramics specializes in the production of various ceramic workpieces. The main products are: zirconia ceramic knives, zirconia ceramic ball valves, zirconia ceramic substrates, alumina ceramic sheets, Zirconia ceramic tubes, alumina ceramic tubes, alumina ceramic sheets and other products.

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