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The Operation And Maintenance Of Continuous Caster Equipment

Continuous casting is a high-efficiency production method. Continuous casting machine is a general term for equipment that continuously completes the segmentation and output of molten steel forming (pouring, condensation).

The Operation And Maintenance Of Continuous Caster Equipment

During the production process, the efficient and stable operation of the equipment greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs, but it also brings difficulties to production and maintenance. Pay attention to the following during maintenance:

Cooling water system

Water is the “blood” of the continuous casting machine, which ensures sufficient cooling water, which can reduce the thermal stress of the roller, avoid the bending of the roller, and improve the stability of operation.

  • 1) Maintenance: During the maintenance process, perform pressure test on the cooling water pipeline. The pressure resistance of each pipeline meets the pressure required for normal production and maintains the specified time. Carefully observe the condition of the entire pipeline and connecting parts to ensure the cooling water system The pipeline is unobstructed and there is no leakage.
  • 2) On-site: Arrange for inspection of cooling system pipelines during shutdown and maintenance, and timely deal with leaking or hidden hoses, water seals, etc. Strengthen water quality inspection to prevent serious water leakage that cannot be repaired due to the problem of blockage of pipelines or pipeline corrosion due to poor water quality, so as to avoid unnecessary costs when equipment is used online.

Dry oil lubrication system

Lubricant is the “food” of the continuous casting machine, ensuring the efficient operation of the continuous casting machine.

  • 1) Maintenance: Before maintenance, ensure the assembly quality of the continuous caster roll, fill the foot roll with an appropriate amount of dry oil, and conduct a dry oil pressure test. The dry oil lubrication pipeline should be kept unblocked and there should be no leakage points.
  • 2) On-site: It is necessary to ensure that the rollers of the continuous casting machine operate flexibly, and there are no dead rollers.

3. Hydraulic system

Keep the hydraulic system leak-free and running well to ensure good production of the continuous casting machine.

  • 1) Maintenance: Replace the hydraulic tubing of unqualified quality in time; the tightening cylinder and the depressing cylinder should be pressured individually and maintained for the specified time; the pressure test should be performed again after the whole machine is ready.
  • 2) On-site: Strengthen the oil quality inspection of the hydraulic oil to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and prevent the movement components from jamming and affecting production.

4. Other

  • 1) Guarantee the quality of key spare parts and raw materials, and do not use spare parts and raw materials with unqualified quality or short life cycle.
  • 2) Ensure the quality of equipment maintenance. Check the spare parts of the offline equipment. For usable parts, carry out normal maintenance such as descaling and oiling; repairable parts should be prepared according to the degree of damage and work needs; for scrap parts that cannot be repaired, Scrap promptly and replace with new parts.

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