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What Are The Coloring Methods Of Alumina Ceramics

What Are The Coloring Methods Of Alumina Ceramics

The history of the ceramic industry in our country can be said to be extremely long, but with the continuous changes of the times and the continuous development of the production and machining technology of the ceramic industry, great changes have taken place. Alumina ceramic machining has gradually become a commonly used process in the machining of ceramic products in today’s society.

The Coloring Methods Used In Alumina Ceramics, And Which Are More Commonly Used

Be-Cu Ceramics Factory is a professional manufacturer of various ceramic materials. Be-Cu Ceramics seeks development with professional technology, fine craftsmanship, quality and integrity. Mainly focus on precision ceramic machining, mainly including: zirconia ceramic machining, silicon nitride ceramic machining, alumina ceramic machining, and other advantageous fields.

The technicians of Be-Cu Ceramics have several years of professional experience in ceramics and have summarized a few points about the coloring methods of alumina ceramics.

  • The first coloring method of alumina ceramics is high temperature oxidation: the alumina ceramic machining industry will use high temperature oxidation to color alumina ceramics, which is convenient for coloring. Generally, alumina ceramics are ensured within the range of process requirements. inside and immersed in molten salt as required. After a series of chemical reactions occur in alumina ceramics in a specific molten salt, an oxide film with different colors will be formed on its surface.
  • The second coloring method of alumina ceramics is chemical solution: the basic color of ceramic products made by alumina ceramics machining technology is white, but in actual situation, alumina ceramics also have pink, black and other different colors. color. After the alumina ceramic machining industry, chemical solution is a frequently used coloring method. Chemical solution refers to placing alumina ceramic products in a chemical solution with specific requirements, and changing its color by oxidizing with the chemical solution.
  • The third coloring method of alumina ceramics is ion deposition: in the precision machining industry of alumina ceramics, the cost of ion deposition coloring method will be relatively high, and it is generally used for large-scale product machining. The main principle of the ion deposition coloring method is to put the stainless steel workpiece in the vacuum coating machine, and to achieve the color change after repeated vacuum evaporation.

The above points are about the introduction of the coloring methods of alumina ceramics. The coloring methods of alumina ceramics are mainly divided into three types: high temperature oxidation, chemical solution (frequent use), and ion deposition (mass product machining).

Different coloring methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the products suitable for coloring are also different, so it is necessary to use a variety of different coloring methods to color alumina ceramics.Be-Cu Ceramics is a professional alumina ceramic machining enterprise with advanced production equipment and strong technical capabilities.Be-Cu Ceramics’ precision ceramic series products are widely recognized and supported by users because of their complete variety, best quality, high quality and low price.

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