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What Is Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Material?

carbon fiberIt has very good properties, especially its high strength and modulus of elasticity. Such fibers, which are rarely used alone, are often impregnated or filled with resins as reinforcements for composite materials. The cutting-edge carbon fiber composite materials usually use long fibers. First, the long fibers are woven into fabrics, and then dipped in resin for use. The following editor will talk about this in detail.
To manufacture carbon fiber reinforced composite materials , carbon fibers are usually impregnated with matrix resin, and then heated to obtain a semi-cured sheet-like intermediate matrix material, which is called a preformed material. Depending on the purpose, it is formed in a press or autoclave, then wound onto the mandrel of a long-fiber winder, and thermally cured to form a tubular product. The resin used in the matrix is ​​basically epoxy resin.
Among the preforms currently being manufactured, there are two types of unidirectional preforms and fabric preforms. The unidirectional preformed material is obtained by unidirectionally arranging the fibrous carbon fibers impregnated with the matrix resin into a plane shape after curing. It takes advantage of the anisotropy of carbon fibers, resulting in high strength in the axial direction of the fibers. Fabric pre-formed material is to replace fiber with carbon fiber fabric. According to different uses, fabrics of various structures such as plain weave, satin weave and three-dimensional can be used, which are mainly used as materials.
CFRP is a kind of high-strength composite material, which has been favored by people. At present, it has been widely used in the field of sports and entertainment. In the future, it will give full play to its superior performance and add convenience to our lives. If you need carbon fiber composite materials, you can come to our company to order, the carbon fiber products produced by China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. are trustworthy.
Description: Carbon fiber has very good properties, especially it has high strength and elastic modulus. Such fibers, which are rarely used alone, are often impregnated or filled with resins as reinforcements for composite materials. Cutting-edge carbon fiber composite materials usually use long fibers, which are first woven into fabrics and then impregnated with resin.



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