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The Difference Between Alumina Ceramics And Ordinary Ceramics

Alumina ceramics can also be called electronic ceramics, wear-resistant ceramics and lighting ceramics. If classified according to the details, it can be generally divided into talc porcelain, 75 porcelain, 95 porcelain, 96 porcelain, 99 porcelain, etc.

At the same time, alumina ceramics can also be used to make ceramic substrates, substrates, ceramic rings, alumina ceramic rods, wear-resistant ceramics, etc. Valve plates, etc., it is precisely because of the wide application of alumina ceramics that it has certain advantages over ordinary ceramics.

The Difference Between Alumina Ceramics And Ordinary Ceramics

Next, the editor will give you a detailed introduction: Compared with metals, Be-Cu ceramic advanced ceramics have high hardness, high strength, high temperature resistance (fire resistance), special damage, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, insulation, no It has excellent properties such as magnetic properties and good chemical stability, so it is often used in environments where metal materials are not competent.

The company has advanced ceramic molding, sintering, cnc machining one-stop equipment and technology.

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  • Alumina ceramics: can be divided into 95 zirconium porcelain, 99 zirconium porcelain; this can be made into alumina ceramic cutting tools, as well as all components in the engine, aerospace applications, etc. These are made of alumina ceramics of.
  • Wear-resistant ceramics: It can be mainly used in mining enterprises, fan industry, power plants, thermal power plants and other industries. Wear-resistant patches, wear-resistant bricks, wear-resistant rods, etc. are used in these industries. The company can also organize construction and technical guidance. and development.
  • Insulating ceramics mainly include: insulators, insulating porcelain bottles, insulating shells, insulating rods, and other products and accessories used in high and low voltage, AC and DC operations.
  • Alumina ceramics have the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, high toughness, low friction coefficient and good corrosion resistance, so alumina ceramics are widely used in mechanical seals, cutting tools, ball milling media, Ceramic bearings, automotive engine parts, etc. The wear resistance of alumina ceramics is ten times that of alumina ceramics, and the friction coefficient of alumina ceramics is very low.

As for the difference between alumina ceramics and ordinary ceramics, I will share with you here. Compared with ordinary ceramics, it is more brittle, but its wear resistance is not high. The rapid prototyping service life of ordinary ceramics is also very short. The alumina ceramic produced just solves these shortcomings. It has good toughness, high wear resistance and long service life. It is a good choice for us. Welcome everyone to visit, inspect, our after-sales team will serve you online 24 hours a day.

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