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Why Is Zirconia Ceramics So Important?

When it comes to ceramics, I believe everyone is very familiar, but zirconia, a ceramic material, does not appear in many of our daily necessities, and zirconia ceramics are one of the ceramics. In daily life, there are many products made of zirconia ceramics. In addition, zirconia ceramics have many important industrial uses.

Why Is Zirconia Ceramic Machining So Popular?

Why is zirconia ceramics so important

Then why is zirconia ceramics so important? Pintejin Ceramics specializes in the production of various zirconia ceramic workpieces, and will give you a brief introduction.

First of all, friends who know zirconia ceramics should know that it has a very hard shell, and its hardness is close to that of natural diamonds, but it is much lighter in weight than metal, and more importantly, it never wears out.

Discoloration, so many high-end watches are made of zirconia ceramics. Whether it is the case, bezel or dial buckle, the use of zirconia ceramics can make the watch more textured.

Especially now that the mobile phone industry is developing very rapidly, the use of zirconia ceramic materials to make a new generation of mobile phone backplanes has become an important industrial opportunity.

Secondly, zirconia ceramic materials, using injection molding technology, through good shrinkage ratio control, plus post-machining, parts made of zirconia ceramics have been widely used in many industries, whether it is molds or fixtures and other relatively sophisticated production equipment are processed by zirconia ceramics.

In addition, the flatness of zirconia ceramics that can be directly fired in industry is very good, so many post-film integrated circuits, refrigerators and ozone generators are processed from zirconia ceramics. It can be said that this kind of Products made of ceramic materials have advantages over other materials.

In people’s daily life, the most common knives made of zirconia ceramics are not only stronger, but will not rust after a period of use, and more importantly, they will not react with food, making it More popular than other types of knives. And then there are the dentures we use in medicine.
Because zirconia ceramics itself has many remarkable characteristics, in recent years, products made of zirconia ceramics are also favored by everyone. Products made from zirconia ceramics can be used with confidence because of their very good stability. Pintejin ceramics page produces zirconia ceramic workpieces, structural connection, welcome friends to call 134_128_56568 for consultation.

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