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What Is CNC Milling Aluminum – Define Of Aluminum Cnc Milling

Aluminum Alloy Milling

Due to the advantages of low density, high strength, good extrudability and weldability, and high recycling rate, aluminum alloy materials have become popular in rail vehicles around the world, especially high-speed passenger cars and urban rail vehicle bodies. material used.

Aluminum alloy refers to metal materials with different properties after adding alloying elements such as magnesium, manganese, silicon, copper, zinc, etc. to pure aluminum. According to the composition of the added alloying elements, aluminum alloys can be divided into seven series. The materials used in the aluminum alloy body of our customer’s 200-kilometer project are divided into three categories according to composition and performance, AI-Mg alloy-5000 series (5083); AI-Mg-Si alloy-6000 series (6N01); AI-Zn-Mg alloy-7000 series (7N01); divided into two categories according to the shape of the material: profiles and plates.

Due to the above characteristics, the milling of aluminum alloy materials is different from the traditional carbon steel machining. Aluminum alloy materials have low hardness, high viscosity and easy cutting, but large plastic deformation, especially for profiles, which require high-speed equipment. High-speed strong cutting is used to improve efficiency, reduce plastic deformation, and avoid continuous cutting and tearing of thin arms. At the same time, because the aluminum alloy material is relatively soft, there are many processes for sawing and manual grinding, so it is noisy and has aluminum dust, so it needs to be protected.

What Is CNC Milling Aluminum
The Define Of Aluminum Cnc Milling

Cnc Milling Aluminum Alloy – Aluminum CNC Milling Service China

The aluminum alloy plays an important role in CNC milling services, it is widely used in architectural, building, electrical, marine, piping, transportation, and more industries. If you need a reliable partner to provide precision milling aluminum parts and products for long-term, Group) is an experienced CNC parts manufacturer that specialized in 3 axis cnc milling, 4 axis cnc milling, 5 axis cnc milling,prototyping cnc milling, precision milling machining, and surface finishing, we are able to produce various intricate aluminum parts with custom specifications and affordable prices, we’ll make the most of CNC aluminum milling to be completed with optimal design and material option. Our milled aluminum parts have a good surface finish, high corrosion resistance, and high durability, but if you require OEM CNC milled aluminum parts for your project, welcome to upload your drawing on our site or contact us via email to get a fast, free quote. Skilled engineers and technicians at BE-CU.COM will give you the best solution in the shortest time, to save your time and start production quickly.

Cnc Milling Aluminum

The Our Guarantee Of Milling Quality

  • – Premium quality, high consistency, and repeatability
  • – Advice on design optimization and technical support
  • – Outstanding service and delivery speed
  • – Quality assurance and strict quality inspection
  • – Tolerance : +/-0.005mm
  • Surface Treatment : Custom
  • – Quality Control : Strictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing,Coordinate-measuring machine
  • – Customized Drawings : Auto CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted

The Advantage Of Cnc Milling Aluminum

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAF 16949 certified
  • Fully compliant with the exacting requirements of our customers,High customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Average 7 days turnaround time and 99.85% on time delivery
  • Multiple options of aluminum machining materials to meet specific properties.
  • Skilled in KanBan and other customer driven quality and inventory management systems
  • Efficient CNC machining factory for mass production rapid prototyping service
  • Fast free quotation within 24 hours after inquiry
  • Rich design and manufacturing experience
Cnc Milling Aluminum

Outstanding Aluminum Cnc Milling Machine List In

  • CNC Swiss Turn by Tsugami
  • MAZAK 5 Axis Turn-Mill Machine
  • CNC Swiss Turn by Tsugami
  • High Speed Drilling-Tapping Machine
  • DMU 5 Axis Cnc Machine
  • CNC Mill Turn Centers—12 machines
  • Multi Spindle Cam Automatics
  • CNC Brother Production Milling
  • Check Out BE-CU Equipment List

Our Case Studies Gallery Of CNC Milling Aluminum Parts

Even if you want to gain a complex shape on your aluminum part, it would not be difficult to produce with the aluminum cnc milling process. Our cnc machining services offer you quality aluminum parts with exceptional surface quality and tight tolerance as your request, a wide selection of surface finishing options are available such as black oxide. Our aluminum cnc milling parts usually appear in automotive, aerospace, food processing, medical, energy, agriculture, mining, etc. We are also capable of precision cnc milling other metals if you required them.

  • CNC Machining Gas Stove Bottom Joint

  • Precision CNC Machining Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Motor Base

  • Metal CNC Machining Motor Front And Rear Covers

  • CNC Machining For Camera L Bracket

  • Precision Machining Security Door Lock Guard Housing

  • Custom Electron Optical Instrument Sight Bracket

  • Customized Optical Instrument Projector Components By 4 Axis Mill

  • Precision Milling Astronomical Telescope Wide-angle Lens Eyepiece Element

  • New Energy Vehicle Air Conditioning Dynamic And Static Disk Components

  • CNC Machining Large Automation Equipment Base Plate

  • Custom Chinese Antique Feng Shui Compass Via Cnc Machining

    Custom Chinese Antique Feng Shui Compass Via Cnc Machining

  • A5083 Aluminum Cnc Machining Mechanical Spare Parts

    A5083 Aluminum Cnc Machining Mechanical Spare Parts