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Stents For Carrying Valves And Venous Valve Replacement Devices

Valve Stent Laser Cutting

  • Material: Nickel-Titanium Alloy
  • Custom Process: Micro Laser Cutting
  • Other Process: Drilling And Cutting
  • Casting surface roughness: Ra6.3-800
  • Annual Volume: 100,000 per year
  • Size: Custom
  • Application: Medical Laser Cutting
  • Precision: +/-0.1mm
  • Keyworld: Laser Cutting Titanium
Medical | Titanium

High-Quality Cutting Stents For Carrying Valves And Venous Valve Replacement Devices

Stents are commonly used medical devices designed to support or reinforce various biological structures within the body. They are used in different medical procedures to treat conditions such as blocked arteries, weakened blood vessels, or narrowed passageways.

In the context of carrying valves and venous valve replacement devices, stents play a crucial role in providing structural support and placement assistance for these devices:

  • Valve Delivery Systems: Stents are often utilized as a part of valve delivery systems for implanting heart valves or other types of valves within the body. These stents help in the proper positioning and deployment of the valve at the intended location. For example, in transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures, a stent-based delivery system is used to implant an artificial valve within the native aortic valve.
  • Venous Valve Replacement Devices: Venous valve replacement devices are designed to address conditions related to venous insufficiency, where the valves in the veins are weakened or damaged, leading to issues like chronic venous insufficiency or venous ulcers. Stents can be incorporated into these devices to aid in their deployment and fixation within the veins. These stents provide support to keep the replacement valve in place and functioning effectively.

Stents used in these contexts are typically made of materials such as stainless steel, nitinol (a nickel-titanium alloy), or cobalt-chromium. They are often designed to be expandable, allowing them to be compressed for insertion into the body and then expanded to the desired size and shape once in position.

The development of stent technology continues to evolve, with ongoing improvements in design, materials, and deployment techniques aimed at enhancing their effectiveness, reducing complications, and improving patient outcomes in valve replacement and venous insufficiency treatment procedures.

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  • Because of the cost problem, some designers change the ways to replace metal machined parts with plastic.
  • Laser cutting plastic parts can create very similar parts to series parts. It is often more efficient and faster than other rapid prototyping technologies for the manufacture of a quantity of plastic prototypes between 1 and 10 parts . We also recommend plastic laser cutting for parts with large sizes (greater than 600 mm).

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Specifications Of Cutting Stents For Carrying Valves And Venous Valve Replacement Devices

Item NameMicro Laser Cutting,Laser cutting service
MaterialAluminum,Carbon steel,Mild steel,Cold roll steel,Hot roll steel,Stainless steel,SECC,SGCC,SPCC,SPHC,Other metal
Thickness0.5mm-20mm,Depends on your products
High Precision+/-0.001mm
Quality ControlMaterial Analysis、Hardness Testing、Mechanical Testing、Magnetic Particle Inspection、X Ray Testing、Leakage Testing、Ultrasonic Inspection
Surface TreatmentPowder coating,Nickel plating,Anodic oxidation,Chrome plating,Yellow zinc plated,Electroless nickel plating,Chemical conversion coating,Zinc plating,Electroplating,etc
Customized Drawings2D:DWG,DXF,PDF & 3D:ASM,IGS,STEP,STP .ETC

The Detail Of BE-CU Laser Cutting Company

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