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Plastic Storage Box Plastic Injection Mold

Precision Plastic Assembled Toy Mold

  • Formwork: LKM, HASCO, FUTAB, DME, etc.
  • Mold life: 300,000-1,000,000 mold times
  • Mold material: NAK80, S136, H13, 718H, P20, etc.
  • HRC (hardness): 42-60
  • Number of mold cavities: multi-cavity, single-cavity customized
  • Production cycle: 25 days
  • Mold size: customized according to customer needs
  • Applicable processing types: injection, polishing, painting, silk screen printing, laser engraving

High-Quality Custom Plastic Storage Box Plastic Injection Mold

  • Product name: plastic storage box mold
  • Product description: Storage boxes are necessary in every family and living area, not only to store items to prevent our environment from being messed up, but also to facilitate the storage of our things, including daily items, cosmetics, For working documents, kitchen supplies, etc., Be-Cu has successfully provided mold opening solutions for various types of storage boxes at home and abroad. Be-Cu has mature mold opening technology, which allows molds to have short lead times, long lifespans, and high-quality finished products.
  • Process Type: Injection Molding/Plastic Injection Molding
  • Production strength: The factory covers an area of 1,600 square meters and has 50 processing equipment.
  • Production cycle: 25 days.
  • Mold size: customized according to customer needs.
  • Number of mold parting surfaces: multiple parting surfaces
  • Number of cavities: multi-cavity mold
  • Mold installation method: fixed mold
  • Arrangement: Horizontal
  • Item No.: Fanstar-2106
  • Quality system: iso9001:2015 (Swiss SGS company, international quality system certification)
  • Custom processing: Yes
  • International trade capabilities: with its own import and export certificates, its business covers the world, mainly in Asia, such as: Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, etc., as well as the United States, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, etc. The main customer groups are manufacturers of injection molds at home and abroad.
  • Development of product range: stationery, pen molds, keycaps, precision connectors, electronic products, auto parts, smart home appliances, mobile phones, tableware, instruments, daily necessities, handicrafts, food, medical, footwear, etc.
  • Mold material: NAK80, S136, 2316, 2738, H13, 5CrNiMo, 718H, P20 etc
  • Main processing equipment: drilling machine, CNC, wire walking, grinding machine, spark machine (ordinary/mirror), saving mold, group mold, injection molding machine
  • Cooperation process: Inquiry—Quotation—Contract—R&D—Mold—Injection molding—After-sales.
  • Applicable processing types: injection, polishing, painting, silk screen printing, laser engraving.

The Advantages Of Custom Plastic Storage Box Plastic Injection Mold

  • Precision mold manufacturing company, quick response and easy communication.
  • Simple quoting process, competitive price with high quality products.
  • Professional team provides all-round technique support and secondary services for each machining project. State of the art service meets or exceeds your expect.
  • Strict testing and quality mold production control, 100% inspection before shipment.
  • Good machining capabilities.
  • Reliable finishing and packaging to ensure the safety during the transportation.

We also make all kinds of electrode and precision inserts from provided drawing, whether molded in or fixed in after molding.With the highly trained molding engineers,operators, technicians and designers’ thorough understanding of mold building and capability,the inserts we make could reach +/-.002mm tolerance,which will fit in with your mold perfectly to assure high reliability and smooth running production,as well as to save lots of your time and cost.

Be-cu Company Mold Making Policy

Fast DFM ReportsAlthough we check your design feasibility when providing a quote, we can provide a fast and thorough DFM (design for manufacturability) report before production begins. In the DFM report, we’ll identify any errors or issues that might cause a manufacturing problem down the line.
Wide Range Of MoldsWe offer several different types of molds, which means you can avoid splitting your projects; just send everything to us to ensure your project runs smoothly.
Fast TurnaroundOur large facility and machining capabilities allow us to build molds quickly, whatever the application or material, which means you can get your moldings completed faster.
Molding CapabilitiesBe-cu can ship your molds to you directly, but we can also handle injection molding and other production services to deliver you prototypes and final parts using those molds.
Quality ControlStrictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing, Coordinate-measuring machine

Our complete and advanced mold making facility provides a fundamental advantage as a complete product solution partner. Whether redesigning an existing mold or embarking on a brand new project, our team is able to deliver the highest quality tooling for molding with some of the shortest lead times in the industry.Our tool room is equipped with the latest resources in mold making technology, including CAM, CNC milling, grinding, EDM, inspection and more. These characteristics, coupled with a highly skilled staff encompass our mold-making department.Whatever you need prototype molds for the short-run production, or mass production molds for millions shots, can handle them for you smoothly.

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