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What Is Fidget Spinner – The Principle and Function Of Fidget Spinner

It consists of a bidirectional or multi-directional symmetrical body as the main body, with a bearing embedded in the middle of the main body. The whole structure constitutes a new type of object that can rotate in a plane. The basic principle of this object is similar to the traditional top, but it requires the use of several It needs to be grasped and flicked with your fingers to make it spin, so it is called a fidget spinner by players who are looking for this item.

Fidget Spinners – What Effects Do They Have?

The fidget spinner has only one main physical effect, which is to achieve the rotation effect by relying on the rolling principle of the bearing. To play the fidget spinner, you only need to use the pinching force of the thumb and another finger to provide a fixed fulcrum, and then use the tip of the third finger to move it. Can make it rotate. In addition, the appearance design, morphological structure, main body materials and surface treatment of the fidget spinners are different, and there are endless innovations in appearance. Therefore, the rotation effect of the fidget spinners is diverse and malleable.

Fidget Spinner – What Does It Do?

Regarding the emergence of fidget spinners, it can be said that except for players who are more curious and knowledgeable about the item, almost everyone has given it a cold look and booed it, thinking it is a boring and useless thing. In fact, this is not the case. Fidget spinners are just like traditional spinning tops. They are not boring derivatives. The purpose of such items is not just to satisfy curious or bored people. To some extent, they should also be defined as practical tools. According to the spirit According to expert surveys, gyroscopic turning movements have a great effect on cultivating the attention of patients with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder. In addition, they are useful for relieving mental stress, certain types of hypnosis work, and quitting smoking, alcohol and other non-physical dependence diseases. There is a certain auxiliary effect. Since fidget spinners, like Zippo lighters, also need to be ornamental in appearance, fidget spinners are a kind of physical and spiritual toy that can satisfy themselves according to different materials, shapes and rotation effects. A little artifact of positioning.

Fidget spinners— Why Are They So Popular?

Speaking of the popularity of fidget spinners, it is not as unknown as you think. It has been less than half a year since fidget spinners became active, but the total number of video views on foreign video websites has exceeded 100 million. Among them, the introduction of fidget spinners, Videos on fidget spinner tricks, fidget spinner DIY and other types of videos can reach hundreds of thousands of views. In fact, fidget spinners are really not something that only the so-called boring people like, because playing with this thing is like playing with walnuts or playing with bracelets. There are also some people with status who like to spin a toy in their hands while thinking about things or having free time. You can play with it with one hand when relaxing. Fidget spinners are undoubtedly a new element of EDC equipment. They are small and easy to carry. They can be processed into different shapes and embedded with different decorative elements, just like jewelry and pendants. They feel very artistic and can meet unique customization needs. In fact, the fidget spinner is a derivative of walnuts, bracelets, jade, antiques and other toys. However, the fidget spinner is not a toy with cultural history in the traditional sense, or the people it attracts do not belong to the older generation who like to be nostalgic. players, and it is more like a carrier toy of today’s technological culture. It attracts contemporary people in the new era who have longing for the future and a spirit of exploration of the unknown. In this way, it is “natural” to become popular. .

Fidget Spinner – How To Choose One?

When it comes to purchasing fidget spinners, we must briefly introduce the classic representative model of fidget spinners: the American Torqbar Hand Spinner. This is the first design of fidget spinners to come out, and it is also the most traditional style of fidget spinners. However, although the structural principle of the fidget spinner is simple, it is highly ornamental when rotating. Therefore, it has different designs and customized combinations. The endless number of fidget spinners on the market now also shows that the traditional style has It cannot satisfy more and more players. People who have some requirements for details and artistry hope that the products they buy have unique designs, so some people are willing to find craftsmen with relevant design skills who can inlay, engrave, etc. to privately build their own fidget spinners. The price has easily skyrocketed. However, the fidget spinner is more of a toy that satisfies psychological pursuits, and the value of this toy itself only depends on the player’s mentality and cannot be measured at all. Some people are just out of curiosity and spend dozens of dollars to buy a plastic one or DIY a simple one, and then the fun is gone. There are also enthusiast players who are willing to spend expensive costs to buy the best materials and hire people to customize diamond inlays. Jade is played with as a treasure in the hand, and this type of high-end luxury plaything now has a special new name, called poison. In fact, players who truly meet the standards may wish to start with imported products when purchasing a fidget spinner. First, the entire core design of the fidget spinner lies in the workmanship of the bearing in the center and the quality of the bearing. Many foreign fidget spinners are semi-handmade, so the stability and continuous rotation time of the entire fidget spinner are definitely much better than domestic molded products. In addition, in terms of materials, foreign fingertips are Is the brass used for tops different from the brass used for domestic fidget spinners? There are many good materials in China, but will they choose the best ones for production? (Only everyone knows about human nature).

How To Diy A Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner By CNC Machining

I plan to use the existing conditions, the lathe can process the lock, wire cut the main body, and then get a standard bearing, and you’re done!

However, the reality was not what I imagined. First of all, I was stumped by the styling. After opening CAD, facing the black screen, I seemed to have countless design plans in my mind, but none of them could be concrete. In the end, it was blank. I have to put it aside for now. If hard work doesn’t work, then let’s do it softly. Finally one day, I suddenly had a flash of inspiration and came up with a simple shape that was easy to process. The main thing was that I couldn’t think of any other shapes, so I drew a picture.

Doesn’t it look a bit simple but not simple I also randomly drew a picture of the lock.
Doesn’t it look a bit simple but not simple I also randomly drew a picture of the lock.
The next step is to find materials. It is easy to find the required stainless steel. After a little processing, the main material can be used.
The next step is to find materials. It is easy to find the required stainless steel. After a little processing, the main material can be used.
The next step is to find materials. It is easy to find the required stainless steel. After a little processing, the main material can be used.
After two hours of hard work, the inner hole was trimmed three or four times. Although it still did not reach the size of the bearing in the end, it was almost there. I was too lazy to continue tinkering, so it was rolled off the assembly line.
The processed surface, but it doesn’t matter, we have to continue later. I polished it again with a grinding head, passivation wheel and sandpaper. I accidentally made the inner hole a little big. . . . .
Two flowers bloomed, one on each side. Looking back at the lock, I left this to the lathe master. After all, I can’t use the lathe. I happened to take a day off for something, and when I came back to work, I gave me this thing.
The markings on my drawings are very clear, there must be bevels, my God. . . . No matter how bad the drawing is, I should be able to understand it (the drawing above was taken later. I felt that the buckle was not easy to process, so I wanted to change it to a cylinder and stick it in directly, but the master worker found a way to fasten the buckle). Forget it. , just use it. After all, the 3mm deep buckle is indeed not something that can be easily achieved under the current conditions.

The Our Advantages Of CNC Machined Fidget Spinner

  • – Excellent wear and impact resistance
  • – Durable and solid, long lifetime
  • – Good strength and electrical conductivity
  • – Customization based on customer specification

Specifications of CNC Machined Fidget Spinner

MaterialStainless Steel
Surface TreatmentCustom
Main ProcessMilling, Drilling, 5 Axis Cnc Machining
Quality ControlStrictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing, Coordinate-measuring machine
Customized DrawingsAuto CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted

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