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What Is Vertical Machining

What Is Vertical Machining

Vertical Machining is a highly automated and versatile CNC machining method with tool magazine and automatic tool changer. Vertical Cnc machining is developed on the basis of CNC boring and milling,and It is mainly suitable for precision machining complex workpieces of plates, disks, molds and shells. The biggest processing feature is that it can concentrate on drilling, milling, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes of the workpiece through the tool magazine and automatic tool changer in the case of one time clamping of the project workpiece.Suitable for completing larger milling volume of workpieces or mold processing, for large molds and relatively high hardness of the material can also be open rough or finish machining.

Vertical Machining Services – Vertical CNC Machining Group)’s vertical machining center generally adopts bed type structure, spindle rigidity is high and overall casting. The machine head moves up and down on the herringbone column through the slide plate, the table part mostly adopts the cross slide table mechanism, the spindle speed is generally between 8000r/min and 15000r/min, the spindle rigidity is high, not only can carry out the finishing of the workpiece also can carry out the open rough machining.

Be-cu’s engineering team is constantly looking for new ways to improve and enhance the quality of our Vertical CNC machining practices. ISO 9001:2015 certified with state of the art Vertical Machine centers, and world class CMMs (coordinate measuring machine), Be-cu’s customers can rest assured they are getting the best service available for their high precision parts available.

Vertical Machining Services

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We are in the business of creating products that save you time and money. In addition to our Vertical CNC Machining services, we provide laser cutting, sheet metal manufacturing, die casting, and 3d printing. All customers’ orders are inspected by our team to ensure they ship complete with hardware, finish, silk-screening, electronic component assembly, and testing.

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