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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carbon Fiber Stay Cables

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carbon Fiber Stay Cables

Cable-stayed bridges have the advantages of large spanning capacity, light and beautiful structure, and good aerodynamic stability. They have developed rapidly in recent decades. The traditional steel cable-stayed cables have been seriously challenged due to the harsh climatic and environmental conditions.The carbon fiber stay cable has excellent performance and has been promoted year by year in recent years. The first carbon fiber composite cable-stayed bridge in China was completed in Jiangsu University. All the cables of the bridge are made of carbon fiber composite materials. Next, China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber stay cables.  

Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Stay Cables

1. Corrosion resistance  

Compared with just now, carbon fiber composite materials have much superior corrosion resistance. If carbon fiber composite materials are used to build marine bridges, there is no need to worry about corrosion. Steel is easily corroded by chloride ions in seawater, so special surface treatment is required for steel. The process is more complicated than carbon fiber composite materials, and the process is cumbersome.  

2. Fatigue resistance  

The fatigue energy source of carbon fiber composite material is better than that of steel cable. It has been proved by scientific experiments that 19 single-filament carbon fiber composite material cables are not damaged under 2*10^6 cyclic loads, and their fatigue strength is about the same as steel under the same conditions. As much as 4 times as much as the cable, it is enough to see the advantages of carbon fiber composite materials.  

3. High specific strength, high specific modulus and light density  

The density of carbon fiber composite materials is extremely small, about 1/4 of the density, and its tensile properties are excellent. Under the same force, the use of lightweight and high-strength carbon fiber composite materials as the cable can reduce the cable’s own weight, improve the bridge spanning capacity, and reduce the size of the substructure, thereby reducing the overall economic index and construction technical difficulty.  

While The Carbon Fiber Composite Stay Cable Is Widely Used, It Also Has Its Shortcomings:

  • The poor shear resistance and low elastic modulus of carbon fiber are problems that need to be studied and solved before the real application of carbon fiber composite materials.  
  • How to coordinate and connect carbon fiber composite stay cable components with other parts of the structure to maximize the effectiveness of carbon fiber stay cables.  
  • Since the anchorage of carbon fiber composite stay cables on the bridge tower and main beam is very difficult, a special anchorage should be designed to solve this problem.  

The continuous application of carbon fiber stay cables in cable-stayed bridges at home and abroad proves that carbon fiber composite stay cables are feasible in technology, safety and applicability. improvement. The use of carbon fiber composite stay cables with excellent performance will be further promoted, and the market prospect is broad.

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