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Advantages Of Molding Carbon Fiber Products

As a high-performance structural material, carbon fiber is used in medical equipment, rail transit, automobile industry and other fields. The commonly used molding process for carbon fiber products is compression molding. In this article, the editor of Be-cu prototype will introduce to you. Advantages of carbon fiber product molding.  

In this article, the editor of Be-cu prototype will introduce to you. Advantages of carbon fiber product molding.  

The molding process uses the characteristics of each stage of the resin curing reaction to realize the molding of the product, that is, the material flows and fills the mold cavity, and the resin is cured.

During the flow of the molding material filling the mold cavity, not only the resin flows, but also the reinforcing material flows, so the molding pressure of the molding process is higher than that of other processes, and it belongs to high-pressure molding.

Therefore, it requires not only a hydraulic press that can control the pressure, but also a metal mold with high strength, high precision and high temperature resistance.

Advantage Of Molding Carbon Fiber Products

The compression molding process is a common molding method for manufacturing carbon fiber products, and it is also suitable for thermoplastic carbon fiber materials. First, thermoplastic carbon fiber prepreg is placed between the upper and lower molds, and then the molds are placed on the hydroforming platform. After a period of high-temperature and high-pressure curing, the resin can be transformed into the original form of the carbon fiber part. The use of compression molding technology can increase the content of carbon fibers in composite materials and reduce the amount of carbon fibers that are not soaked by resin, making the product surface smooth and uniform while maintaining high strength.

A new type of hot press machine, mainly used for vacuum pressing new materials, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, graphene and other materials. This heat press is mainly suitable for various light products such as mobile phone back covers, VR/AR smart devices, helmets, drones, laptop casings, airgel insulation pads, automotive interiors, aerospace, new energy, sports equipment, etc. Quantify high-end products.

The compression molding process is a key process for many carbon fiber products, such as the rolling process for carbon fiber plates and carbon fiber tubes. Carbon fiber products use a compression molding process, which combines the advantages of autoclave and vacuum bag molding processes, which can effectively improve production efficiency and optimize the product production process. Carbon fiber products have a more beautiful appearance due to molding, so this process is widely used in the wings and tails of drones. The molding process ensures product accuracy, thereby maintaining the balance of the drone and significantly improving overall performance.

The Control Factors For Molding

There are three control factors for molding, namely temperature, pressure and time.

  • No. 1: Temperature. This process parameter determines the heat transfer conditions from the mold to the material in the mold cavity, and has a decisive impact on the hot melt, fluidity and solidification process of the material.
  • No. 2: Pressure to close the mold tightly and compress the material into shape, as well as to promote the flow of hot-melt materials and balance the pressure generated by the volatilization of low-molecular substances in the mold cavity for pressure-maintaining molding.
  • No. 3: Time, also called compression mold heat preservation and pressure holding time, ensures that the shape of the mold cavity has enough time to complete solidification, so that the resin molding thermoplastic is completed.

Molding process: Generally used to manufacture products with high precision and high surface flatness, which can better ensure the CNC Machining accuracy. It has greater accuracy and a flatter appearance. In molding, it is necessary to accurately grasp the parameters of time, temperature and pressure to ensure the qualification rate of the product. When manufacturing carbon fiber products, compression molding is a very critical process, especially for the precision cnc machining of carbon fiber panels. Molded carbon fiber products have clear advantages during the production process. First, it can greatly improve production efficiency and make product production more efficient. Secondly, its appearance is more beautiful, ensuring the reliability of the product.

The main advantages of compression molding: the loss of raw materials is small, and it will not cause too much loss . The internal stress of the product is very low, and the warpage deformation is also small, and the mechanical properties are relatively stable. The wear of the mold cavity is small, the cost of the molding equipment is low, the mold structure is relatively simple, and the manufacturing cost is usually lower than that of the injection mold or the transfer molding mold.

Larger flat products can be molded, and the size of the products that can be molded by molding is only determined by the clamping force of the existing molding machine and the size of the template. The shrinkage of the product is small and the repeatability is good. A mold with a larger number of cavities can be placed on a given template, with high productivity. The product has high dimensional accuracy and good repeatability. The surface is smooth and no secondary modification is required. It can form products with complex structure at one time. Mass production, the price is relatively low.  

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