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An Article To Understand The Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Medical Board

Carbon cellulose has the reputation of “the king of prototype materials”. The production of medical devices has always had certain requirements for materials. Now carbon fiber is gradually being used in the medical field. What are the advantages.
The aluminum equivalent is a parameter to measure the X-ray transmission performance of a material. The aluminum equivalent of a carbon fiber plate with a thickness of 1 mm is about 0.1 mmAL, which is 10% of the aluminum alloy plate. The smaller the aluminum equivalent, the better the X-ray transmission performance. Carbon fiber is used. The medical board can not only obtain excellent image effects, but also reduce the radiation dose and reduce the damage of X-rays to the diagnosis and treatment and medical staff. The load-bearing performance of carbon fiber composite materials is outstanding. When a few fibers are broken, the load will be quickly distributed to the unbroken fibers, which will not cause damage in a short time and ensure the strength of use.
The service life of the medical board also needs to be considered. Carbon fiber is a non-metallic material with low electrochemical activity. During the diagnosis and treatment process, alcohol, drugs, blood stains and other corrosion will basically not cause damage to the panel, and it has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging. performance, prolong the service life, and the high working temperature of carbon fiber material ensures the safety during use.
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