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Carbon Fiber Backingless Drilling Technology

Carbon Fiber Backingless Drilling Technology

Everybody knows carbon fiber Due to the high modulus, high hardness, and high specific strength, it is a typical difficult-to-machine material.

When drilling, the composite material is prone to defects such as delamination and tearing, and the tool wear is serious.

When drilling in practical applications, an aluminum plate needs to be placed on the bottom of the material, but some products are limited by the structure and cannot be installed at the exit of the hole, so the quality of the hole machining cannot be guaranteed.  

“In the article, I have already told you that the reason for the delamination and tearing of carbon fiber drilling is mainly caused by excessive axial laser cutting force. However, how to drill holes for products with irregular structures that cannot be placed on the backing plate, and let China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. explain to you!

Drilling Tools Used

Carbon fiber materials are lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant, so proper tools need to be used when drilling to avoid damaging the material. Here are some tools suitable for drilling carbon fiber materials:

  • Tungsten steel drill bit: Carbon fiber material has high hardness, so it is necessary to use high-quality tungsten steel drill bit. Please confirm the quality and hardness of the drill bit material.
  • Drill bit housing: Use the drill bit housing to control the depth of the drill bit and avoid damaging the carbon fiber surface.
  • Drill bit adjuster: Use the drill bit adjuster to adjust the drilling depth and angle to ensure hole quality.

Drilling Skills

Here are some tips to note when drilling with carbon fiber materials:

  • Determine the hole location: Before drilling holes with carbon fiber materials, make sure you have determined the correct hole location and depth. Use drilling templates to maintain hole placement accuracy.
  • Adjust the speed: First, you need to confirm whether the speed of your power tool is suitable for drilling carbon fiber materials. Carbon fiber material has high hardness, so the rotation speed needs to be adjusted appropriately.
  • Clean your machine: Before drilling carbon fiber materials, remember to clean your drill bit and drilling machine. If residue is present on drill bits and drilling machines, it may cause cracks or damage to the carbon fiber material.
  • Add cooling fluid: Use cooling fluid during drilling to avoid overheating of the drill bit and damage to the carbon fiber material.
  • Control the drilling depth: When drilling carbon fiber materials, please control the drilling depth to avoid damaging the material.

In this case, the electric spindle can be used for high-speed cnc drilling, and there is only a slight fluffing phenomenon caused by uncut fibers at the exit, which can meet the requirements of use. 2. From the perspective of torque, it is much more stable than the hand electric drill. High-speed drilling is an effective way to solve the problems of carbon fiber tearing and delamination.  

Through the years of machining experience of China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd., increasing the rotational speed is an effective method to reduce the axial force. Under the condition of a certain feed rate, the higher the drill speed is, the smaller the drilling force is. , The high-speed drilling technology can completely realize the drilling of carbon fiber composite materials without backing plate, solve the problem of carbon fiber tearing and delamination, and ensure the quality of hole machining.  

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