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Carbon Fiber Clock Dial

carbon fiberAlso known as graphite fibers, they are very thin black fibers made up of carbon atoms, only one-twentieth the size of a human hair. Usually, we twist thousands of carbon fibers into a strand, then weave it into cloth, press it into a board or pre-preg resin and shape it in a mold. Watches and clocks are products that we often come into contact with in our daily life. The clock face made of carbon fiber material not only has good practical performance, but also is a rare work of art.

Carbon fiber has been used in the field of sports and leisure for a long time. It has high strength, light weight, chemical corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, and large elastic modulus. The specific data is that the tensile strength is greater than 3600MPa, and the density is 1.8g/cm3. Now it has also developed ultra-high-strength and ultra-high-modulus carbon fibers with a strength of 7000 MPa. The carbon fiber clock dial can be made very thin, extremely light in weight, will not be broken by impact or fall to the ground, it is water resistant and not afraid of being soaked by water.

The carbon fiber clock dial is beautiful in appearance, because it is a woven texture, showing different colors under the light, very fashionable, different from any kind of material such as ceramic, metal, plastic, wood, etc., unique, from large clocks to smaller watches. manageable.

Be-cu Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu, China. We can customize carbon fiber materials and products of various specifications for customers. We are good at flat machining parts like clock dials or special-shaped parts like wallets. We can process special-shaped parts from drawings. The mold fee can be waived if the order quantity is large. It has been 10 years since our establishment, and in these 10 years, we have accumulated rich experience and won the praise of a large number of customers.


ISO 9001 certified. BE-CU Prototype Offering CNC machining carbon fiber and other manufacturing services for carbon fiber marterial. Various capabilities include notching, labeling, drilling carbon fiber, grinding, laser cutting carbon fiber, finishing, plating, marking, CNC milling carbon fiber and turning carbon fiber.We stock high quality 3k carbon fiber sheet in a variety of thickness, types and finish. Its a great material used in applications where light weight and strength are needed such as drones. Unlike other workshops, we have no min order and are often filling orders with a single part. We also don’t make you pay for the full sheet and you only get charged for what is used. With a large selection of material, you should find everything you need to make your project come to life. We are also able to handle larger production runs and provide a competitive pricing. If we don’t have the material or finish you require, we are more the willing to look at bringing it in for you.