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Carbon Fiber Layup Design Points

With the development of the times, carbon fiber composite materials can be seen everywhere in aerospace, automobile high-speed rail, sporting goods, machinery manufacturing and other fields. In the process of manufacturing its products, carbon fiber composite materials are very different in terms of technology and performance. There is also a big difference from the design of traditional materials, in which the lay-up design is the key content of the design of carbon fiber composite materials.

1. The connotation of lay-up design

The layup design mainly carries out the following contents:

Determines the total number of layers for the layup. The total thickness of the product is h=n1h1+ n2h2+ n3h3, where n1, n2, and n3 are the number of layers of the corresponding material, and h1, h2, and h3 are the single-layer thickness of the material after curing.

Determines the orientation angle of the ply. Reasonable layup angles can optimize the mechanical properties and other properties of local components. Currently, the commonly used standard layup angles: 0°, 45°, -45° and 90° can meet the design requirements and simplify analysis and manufacturing. Except for the longitudinal and transverse shear strength test specimens, only when there are special requirements, any layup angle should be used, and the types of layup angles used should be as few as possible.

Determine the proportion of each direction angle of the ply.

Determines the stacking order for each direction angle of each ply. To reduce distortion during curing, the overall layup sequence should be symmetrical on both sides of the centerline of the layup of the laminate structure, which is generally located in the central region of the laminate. And to ensure a uniform layup sequence, the different layup angles should be evenly distributed in the layup sequence.

2. Representation of layers

Representation of unidirectional tape plies [45/-45/0/-45/45/90/90/45/-45/0/-45/45] (Example 1), which can be simplified to [45/-45/ 0/-45/45/90]s, where 0, 45, 90, -4


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