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The Characteristics Of Carbon Fiber Composites

The Characteristics Of Carbon Fiber Composites

I still remember in the classic movie “The Graduate”, Mr. McGuire said to Ben, I want to tell you one word, just one word, plastic machining. If the 1960s were the age of plastic, now is the age of carbon. After decades of development,Carbon fiber composite material The technology has gradually matured, and now it has become an indispensable material in people’s lives. It has many features and brings great changes to peoples lives.Traditional structural materials are mostly steel, aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. as the main materials.

With the increasing demand for lightweight equipment and structural parts, carbon fiber composite materials have gradually begun to replace traditional structural materials. As carbon fiber composite materials.

With the rapid development and widespread application, the current application and dosage of carbon fiber in key parts of equipment has gradually become one of the indicators to measure the advancement of equipment structure.


The density of lightweight material aluminum alloy is 2.8g/cm³, while the density of carbon fiber composite material is about 1.5, which is only half of that. However, the tensile strength of carbon fiber composite material can reach 1.5GPa, which is more than three times higher than that of aluminum alloy. This advantage of low density and high strength allows the application of carbon fiber composite materials in structural parts to reduce the mass by 20-30% and the weight by 20-40% compared with materials of the same performance.


After years of development, carbon fiber composite materials have combined many excellent physical properties, mechanical properties, biological properties and chemical properties, such as thermal protection properties, flame retardant properties, shielding properties, wave absorption properties, semiconducting properties, superconducting properties, etc. Moreover, different advanced composite materials have different compositions and have certain differences in functionality. Comprehensiveness and multifunctionality have become one of the inevitable trends in the development of carbon fiber composite materials.

Maximize Economic Benefits

The application of carbon fiber composite materials in equipment can reduce the number of product parts. Since the connection of complex components does not require riveting or welding, the demand for connecting components is reduced, effectively reducing assembly material costs, assembly and connection time, and further reducing costs.

Structural Integrity

Carbon fiber composite materials can be processed into integral components, that is, carbon fiber composite components can replace several metal components. Some parts with special contours and complex surfaces are less feasible to manufacture with metal, and carbon fiber composite materials can well meet actual needs.


Using resin and carbon fiber composite structures, composite materials of different shapes and properties can be obtained. For example, by selecting appropriate materials and lamination procedures, carbon fiber composite products with zero expansion coefficient can be processed, and the dimensional stability of carbon fiber composite materials Better than traditional metal materials.

The performance of carbon fiber composite materials is so good, and the application is naturally very wide. In the aerospace field, it can be used to make aircraft shells, wings, rocket shells, etc.; in the field of sporting goods, it can be made into tennis rackets, golf clubs, and ice hockey sticks. etc.; in the medical field, it can be made into prostheses, artificial ligaments, etc.


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