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Characteristics Of Carbon Fiber Composites

I still remember in the classic movie “The Graduate”, Mr. McGuire said to Ben, I want to tell you one word, just one word, plastic. If the 1960s were the age of plastic, now is the age of carbon. After decades of development,Carbon fiber composite material The technology has gradually matured, and now it has become an indispensable material in people’s lives. It has many features and brings great changes to peoples lives.
  • 1. The entire material is composed of carbon elements, and there is a strong affinity between carbon atoms, so the stability is very good whether it is at low temperature or high temperature. At the same time, carbon fiber has the intrinsic property of high melting point, so it has very good heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures of 2000 ° C. So far, it is the material with the best high temperature resistance in inert gas.
  • 2. The density of carbon fiber composite materials is very low and the weight is very light, only one-fourth of steel and one-half of ceramics, which can save a lot of effort when handling.
  • 3. The carbon fiber composite material has good friction resistance, small friction coefficient, is not easy to wear after close contact with other items, and has a long service life.
  • 4. Excellent mechanical properties, high strength and elastic modulus. The most common carbon fiber material has a tensile strength greater than 270MPa and an elastic modulus greater than 69GPa. Some properties are better, and it is far more than that.
  • 5. Its chemical properties are also very stable, and it is not corroded by acid-base salts and solutions.
The performance of carbon fiber composite materials is so good, and the application is naturally very wide. In the aerospace field, it can be used to make aircraft shells, wings, rocket shells, etc.; in the field of sporting goods, it can be made into tennis rackets, golf clubs, and ice hockey sticks. etc.; in the medical field, it can be made into prostheses, artificial ligaments, etc.



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