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CNC Machining of Carbon Fiber Composites

carbon fiberIt has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, and electrical conductivity that ordinary carbon fibers have, but also has flexibility and anisotropy that carbon materials do not have. It is often compounded with resin matrix to make carbon fiber composite materials. Although carbon fiber composite materials are light in weight and high in strength, they are brittle and difficult to machine. In this article, I will talk about CNC machining of carbon fiber composite materials.
Tool material:Carbon fiber composite materials have high hardness, so high-hardness tools should be selected during machining, such as CVD diamond, cemented carbide, PCBN, and high-property ceramics.
Front and rear corners:According to the material properties, the rake angle of the tool should be selected as a smaller value to enhance the cutting strength and heat dissipation volume. However, at the same time, carbon fiber composite materials have high strength and toughness, and the cutting edge should be kept sharp. Generally, γ=° is selected; in order to reduce the friction and wear of the flank surface and prolong the service life of the tool, the flank angle is easy to choose. Larger value, but in order to ensure the strength of the cutting edge of the tool and not cause chipping, generally choose α=°
Number of teeth and helix angle:The number of tool teeth and the helix angle can be appropriately selected to be larger, so that multiple teeth can participate in cutting at the same time during the machining process. Generally, the number of teeth is Z=, and the helix angle β=°
Amount of knife eaten:The amount of tool wear during cutting is large. In order to ensure the surface quality of the machined surface, the axial non-layered cutting method is adopted, and the depth of cut a= mm. In order to avoid excessive cutting force, a is not easy to be too large.
Cutting speed and feed:In order to reduce the cutting force and improve the surface quality and cutting efficiency of the parts, high-speed cutting is adopted. The general speed is S= rpm, and the feed rate is F= mm.
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