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How Pressure Affects Carbon Fiber Molding

Carbon fiber molding is a commonly used molding process for carbon fiber products. Carbon fiber prepreg is attached to the molding mold. After the mold is closed, the desired carbon fiber product is made by adjusting the pressure, temperature, and time. The pressure affects the effect of carbon fiber molding. With a larger role, we will take a look at it together in this article.
First of all, let’s understand the function of pressure. The pressure in molding is mainly used to overcome the vapor pressure generated by volatile substances in the material, which can avoid defects such as delamination, bubbles, and loose structure of the product. At the same time, the pressure can also make the material The fluidity is enhanced, which is convenient for the material to fill the mold, and the obtained product is more precise and strong.
In the carbon fiber molding process, there are certain requirements for the time of applying pressure. If the pressure is applied too early, the degree of cross-linking reaction of the material will be low, and the fluidity will be enhanced, which will cause serious material loss, easy accumulation of resin, and local lack of glue. , which will cause part of the fibers to be exposed. However, if the pressure time is delayed, the cross-linking reaction degree of the material is high, the fluidity becomes poor, and it is not easy to fill the mold, and the quality of the obtained carbon fiber product will also decrease. At the same time, for some products with larger thickness, an appropriate increase in pressure is beneficial to forming.
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