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How To Judge The Pros And Cons Of Carbon Fiber Board

Carbon fiber board is a carbon fiber product that is widely used in the whole carbon fiber product. Many processed parts are processed from carbon fiber board, and the carbon fiber product has very good machinability. It is mainly made by hand, so there will be In the production of many carbon fiber boards, the performance is not exactly the same. The carbon fiber boards produced by the same manufacturer are not exactly the same, because the layers are slightly different, so they are not the same, not to mention the carbon fiber boards produced by different carbon fiber board manufacturers. , Therefore, when purchasing carbon fiber panels, you must learn how to judge whether a carbon fiber panel is good or not. In this article, we will follow the editor of the Be-cu prototype to take a look.

Many people will be more concerned about this issue. On the one hand, they are afraid that the performance of the carbon fiber board they buy will not be good, which will affect the actual use. They worry that if the performance requirements are not enough, it will be a troublesome thing. You get what you pay for. If you buy high-performance, it is acceptable to be more expensive, so you need to know how to choose a carbon fiber board.

Pass The Visual Inspection

Appearance is an important means of detecting carbon fiber boards. Normal carbon fiber boards, such as air bubbles, bulges, etc., are an important indicator that will affect carbon fiber boards. In addition, there is the appearance inspection of carbon fiber. Also pay attention to see if the carbon fiber board is It is inferior, such as whether the texture is clear, whether the carbon fiber texture is good enough, and whether the texture is damaged, and then check it according to the feel of the carbon fiber composite material, to avoid the possibility of being doped with glass fiber, and to shoddy.

In addition, it is necessary to observe whether there are scratches, white spots, etc. on the surface of the carbon fiber board, including whether it can be seen from the side of the carbon fiber board that the carbon fiber board is made of layers of prepreg, and good carbon fiber boards will be found. The surface accuracy is very high, which is also a good basis for judgment.

Through The Regularity Of The Plate

Among the carbon fiber board production companies, many carbon fiber board production companies have just entered the industry. Unlike the Be-cu prototype, which has been in the production of carbon fiber products for ten years, the production capacity of the entire carbon fiber board can be It is said that it has very high strength. Many people who have just entered this industry do not yet understand the characteristics of carbon fiber materials, and there is a problem with the quality of the elastic evening shift produced. The main performance of products like carbon fiber boards is the stability of the structure. Therefore, we can see the performance of carbon fiber board through the regularity of carbon fiber board. If there is a problem with the layup, it is easy to have insufficient structural stability, which is also a criterion for our judgment.

Measured By The Price Of The Board

The price of the normal carbon fiber composite material itself is relatively high, so the price of the carbon fiber board produced will inevitably be higher. If the price of the carbon fiber board you buy is relatively low, then you don’t need to consider it, it must not be a carbon fiber board made of full carbon fiber, maybe As mentioned above, that is, the case of glass fiber doping, and the price of carbon fiber board will also affect the performance. For example, you will choose T700 material for high performance. That price will definitely be expensive.

Of course, it is impossible to measure by price, but it is definitely useful. More still need to measure the performance of carbon fiber board through the above two.

The above three are the criteria for us to judge whether the carbon fiber board is good or not. It is impossible to say that it is 100% applicable. It is more necessary to choose a high-quality carbon fiber product manufacturer. China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. The company has ten years of rich experience in the field of carbon fiber, and is engaged in the production and machining of carbon fiber products.


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